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How Do You Keep Track of What You Purchased?

by Rebecca 8 May 2013

I am a total and complete fan of Pinterest and after this weekend and all of the Pin It To Win It festivities I’m hooked for sure.  Kim (Kimberkatt) and I,  along with the incredible Designers here at The Studio were working like little ants on Saturday to find goodies on those Pinterest lists and […]

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Extra, extra: read all about it, plus a freebie!

by Jenn 29 April 2013

If you’re at all familiar with my blog postings, you’ll know that I am forever working on my yard. One week I’m adding flowers, the next pulling weeds. This past weekend was no exception and I added two beautiful young trees to my yard. Three years ago when my husband and I decided we wanted a […]

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Spring Photo Ops, plus a freebie!

by Jenn 15 April 2013

Do you ever wake up early on a Saturday morning, look out the window and see the sun yellow and bright against a clear blue sky and say to yourself ‘what a perfect day to spend outside in my yard?’ As spring meanders in between occasional April showers, I find myself in this position now and then. I’m not usually an early riser […]

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Take Me Away, Calligraphy Collection 2, and a freebie!

by Jenn 1 April 2013
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Grass is a funny thing. When we first bought our house in 2010, the grass was short and mostly green. A few months later, when spring rolled around, the grass exploded into a dandelion-filled green jungle that you could hardly walk through. So, we mowed the lawn and in just a few short weeks, the lawn dried up and […]

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Mother Memories by ADB Designs and Designs by Brigit and a free quickpage for you!

by renee 22 March 2013

Mother Memories is collaboration between ADB Designs and Designs by Brigit.  Diane (ADB Designs) and Brigit (Designs by Brigit)  have joined their artistic talent together again in creating an amazing collection of kits and extras devoted to recognizing and honoring mothers and all the special females in our lives. The palette of soft pastels and rich jewel tones […]

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Laddie Brian, Lassie Brianna, and a freebie!

by Jenn 18 March 2013
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Did you have a lucky and lively St. Patty’s Day yesterday? Perhaps you plucked a four-leaf clover, or found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow (as if, right?!). Maybe you just had a jolly celebration with family and friends, and wore a touch of green to avoid an unlucky pinch. As […]

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In Bloom Coordinated Collection

by tammy 7 March 2013
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We’ve got a stunning new coordinated collection at theStudio!  In Bloom has over 80 mini kits, element packs, cardstocks, alpha’s, stamps, twists, you nameits!  Each product is only $1.00now through March 15th. In Bloom is a coordinated collection, that means the same palette, the same theme was used by each of our Designers.  Each Designer […]

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Little Sprouts Jack and Lucille, plus a freebie!

by Jenn 4 March 2013

My mother-in-law is full of sweet and funny anecdotes about my husband growing up, and she’s shared plenty of photos to accompany her amusing tales too. One of her cutest stories is about my husband and his red cape and fireman boots. Apparently he’d wear them everywhere, even to the grocery store where he’d ride around on the grocery cart like a superhero. I don’t […]

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The ABC Teach Me Album collection, plus a freebie!

by Jenn 19 February 2013
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I have a terrible cat named Sasha. I say this not because I don’t love her, I do, but she is in fact a terrible cat. As a kitten, Sasha had ginormous ears and the loudest meow you’ve ever heard. She grew into the ears, but not the meow. Sasha is now 9 years old […]

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Valentine’s Blog Hop!

by Toiny Westberry 14 February 2013
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*DOWNLOAD* Welcome theStudio’s Valentine-themed blog hop.  We hedged our bets that everyone would be swimming in red & pink today, and instead choose the pure, soft colors of white, blush and natural greens.  Sometimes the understated beauty of a white rose just can’t be beat.  We hope you enjoy our little mini’s.  Take a moment out of […]

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