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by Toiny Westberry 16 January 2013
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This morning I spied a little bit of light peeking around the houses & the trees as we left the house. I couldn’t capture it in my early morning photo, but it is there!  I promise.  The shortest day of the year is almost a month past, and it finally is showing up in our […]

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New house, New School, New Garten

by Toiny Westberry 9 January 2013
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With new houses, come new schools.  Dane especially was very anti-new school.  He knew he would hate it.  He knew he would hate the kids.  He would hate the teachers.  He would hate the garten.  There was an awful lot of hate & anger in that little body.  Then we went for a visit. The […]

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by Toiny Westberry 19 December 2012
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On Sunday we ran out of tape.  A pretty big deal when you are stuffing all your worldly possessions into boxes.  Boxes that are going to be driven through snow, sleet & rain to a brandnew (to us) house thirty minutes away.  I really needed tape!  Luckily I also needed a break, and thankfully we […]

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Advent Calendar!

by Toiny Westberry 1 December 2012
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This morning I woke up to quiet.  Please note, this is very unusual in my house.  There is always noise going on somewhere in my house when I wake up.  Usually in my room, next to my bed, with 2 (or more) kids poking each other, pinching each other, and yelling, in a stage-whisper of […]

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by Toiny Westberry 20 November 2012
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I got some absolutely beautiful fall pictures during our long weekend in Holland, but this one below tells the best story.  Each of the kids are in a different country: Tess is in Holland (the Netherlands, NL); Cole is in Germany, and Dane is in Belgium.  We took a little bit of a tourist break […]

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My Oma

by Toiny Westberry 14 November 2012
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We squeezed in a trip to Holland before the snows gets deep.  I’m not a fan of zooming down the autobahn at 80-90 miles an hour with ice so I mostly skip winter visits.  I needed some St. Nicholas supplies (chocolate letters are much loved here) and I missed my family.  Especially my Oma.  It […]

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St. Martin’s Day 2012

by Toiny Westberry 10 November 2012
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Last year I promised that I would figure out how to better use my camera at night.  Sigh.  Thank goodness we’re stationed in Germany another three years, because a whole year later and I’mm still having issues taking night photo’s. I also didn’t learn how to cook the traditional goose.  Again, thank goodness for another […]

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The Best Present of All

by Toiny Westberry 7 November 2012
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I’ve got an adorable picture today, featuring very happy kiddo’s.  Let me tell you, brief moments in time can be deceiving.  The road to our Random-Act-of-Kindness was a very long & hard one.  I saw a posting on our local facebook page for a Shoebox Program, one of the other moms was collecting the boxes […]

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Captain America

by Toiny Westberry 3 November 2012
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I have very little babbling today, I’m thinking most of your are busy nosing around digi-world for the best deals today.  I don’t blame you! Today is super fun & exciting for all of us digi-scrappers. We did have a lovely Halloween, a rambunctious dinner with friends and trick-or-treating all over Patch Barracks.  Dane absolutely […]

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Gaggle of Giggling Girls

by Toiny Westberry 17 October 2012
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My thoughts are everywhere today.  We meet with the bank tomorrow to see if we qualify for the home loan, then we need to figure out how to do an offer in Germany, in German.  I fall asleep these nights practicing German in my mind.  I’ve already has 3 long phone calls this morning, with […]

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