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American Racers

by Toiny Westberry 13 October 2012
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Yesterday was take II of the “Amazing Race” for my husbands soldiers. We’ve been working hard for the last month scouting locations in Stuttgart, finding new & exciting tasks for the soldiers and coordinating clues. I have enormous respect for the real Amazing Race producers and production teams.  It is hard enough to pull this […]

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by Toiny Westberry 18 August 2012
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Running theStudio is a full-time job, sometimes it’s more than a full-time job.  This week was one of those weeks.  I’m working at hard to bring some new products your way, add a little more to the store for your scrapping needs.  New always equals head-banging for me.  It also means my kids get left […]

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Our Amazing Race

by Toiny Westberry 2 June 2012
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Every muscle in my body hurts.  Dave put on an “Amazing Race” event for his soldiers.  Since I’m the Amazing Race fan in our house, I volunteered to help.  This week my volunteer hours turned into a full-time job! Coming up with stops wasn’t hard, typing up clues was a little harder, running the race […]

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Tiny Dutch Cars

by Toiny Westberry 22 April 2012
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If you are really feeling green, and truly wanting to cut down on your carbon footprint, I think one of these would be an awesome next step.  Other than right there, in that picture, I’ve never seen one.  We’ve gotten very used to small cars.  It is now the occasional SVU or full-size pick-up imported […]

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Roadtrip to America

by Toiny Westberry 31 March 2012

Dave & I took a little roadtrip up to Ramstein this week. He had a second MRI for his back very early Friday morning, rather than try to drive at 4:00 a.m. (eeeeeeeeeeek!), we decided to stay in AirForce Lodging the night before. AirForce Lodging rocks! Completely affordable, nice, spacious rooms and American tv. Wooooooooohoooooooo! […]

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Jackpot Gum

by Toiny Westberry 4 February 2012

Yesterday we had a little roadtrip up to Landstuhl Medical Center.Dave needed an MRI for an old paratrooper injury that is getting the best of him. No idea on the results, so that is all for much, much later. The army medical system does not move fast. In fact, yesterday was a lot of “hurry […]

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Leonardo und das magische Amulett

by Toiny Westberry 20 November 2011

Last night Tess had a part in her first play in German! The timing was awkward, somewhere along the way a note was missed, and we had planned Dave’s birthday party the same night as Tess’ play.  A little creative planning, flexible friends, and we fit both into one long night.  Our neighbors pitched in […]

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Man Date

by Toiny Westberry 20 October 2011
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I smelled snow in the air yesterday.  I tried very hard to not do a little happy dance out on my front porch, in front of all the neighbors, who already think of us as the crazy Americans.  I love snow.  A couple more weeks and we’ll be playing in the snow.  For now, it’s […]

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