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Socks Are a Really Good Idea

by Toiny Westberry 24 April 2013
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Remember how last week was not my week?  This week is already 1,000% better.  Except.  Well.  I goofed.  Big time. Last week was so hectic, the racing around between home, schools, hospital and our on-post vehicle registration kept me hopping.  I had little to no time to drag out my beloved camera and take pictures.  […]

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Quit Baking a Cake!

by Toiny Westberry 13 April 2013
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Everything gets a little easier with time. Even being in a far away land without my big boys.  My life is slowly getting back to normal after Soren’s whirlwind visit, excepting the pile of snowboards in my living room.  We are getting back into our normal rhythm and that is a good thing.  Frequent phone […]

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Lech Zürs with Soren

by Toiny Westberry 10 April 2013
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The boy is on a plane. Already. It was a beautiful, perfect, whirlwind visit.  He has become an incredible young man.  I didn’t think it was possible to love him even more, but I do.  And I miss him with all my heart.  I hate, hate, hate this part of living in Germany. I’m extremely […]

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Goodbye Sweet James

by Toiny Westberry 13 March 2013
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Our trip to Berlin ended with a bang.  Literally.  An hour from home the engine made a noise.  A loud noise.  A not good noise.  Dave & I looked at each other & knew.  Our faithful companion, our workhorse, our James had died.  Even at the very end he served us well, saving his final […]

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by Toiny Westberry 6 March 2013
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On Saturday friends stopped by.  German friends from the old neighborhood.  Kai had called ahead to make sure we were home, and he offered to bring the cake.  Sure!  I love cake. I assumed the cake was for dessert.  Silly me.  Never assume.  Never, ever, assume with Germans.  The cake was for kaffeetrinken (coffee drinking).  Kaffeetrinken […]

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Fasching 2013

by Toiny Westberry 13 February 2013
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Sunday, for the second year running, we went to the big Fasching (Mardi Gras, Carnaval) parade.  This year we went to the gorgeous, I’m-in-love, Weil Der Stadt.  It was spectacular.  Amazing.  Freezing.  And two hours long.  I think I’m still struggling to feel my toes. Weil Der Stadt does it bigger & better than Ergenzingen […]

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Skype > Par Avion

by Toiny Westberry 30 January 2013
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I’m homesick.  The snow has turned to rain and outside it is muddy & gray.  It matches my mood.  My home, what I think of as home, is no longer there.  Or rather, not part of my family anymore.  My parents sold our home, the one in California, years ago.  But it is this home […]

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New Years Eve 2012

by Toiny Westberry 2 January 2013
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Not only is there no snow, it’s beautifully sunny today.  Dane has been waiting all morning to go explore the new village, find his new school and see if the move was ‘worth it’.  I’m not sure he understands that even if it’s not ‘worth it’, we are here to stay. Our first experience with […]

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New House

by Toiny Westberry 22 December 2012
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On Thursday we finally got the keys to our new home!  It was, again, a completely new experience.  We met the “old” home owner at our new house.  After some handshakes & pleasantries we all trooped into the not-so-empty house.  We bought the house fully-furnished. A win for us, after six kids, and countless military […]

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Prayers for Newtown

by Toiny Westberry 15 December 2012

I woke up with a start this morning.  My heart was pounding, my eyes wide open, I was halfway to the door before I realized I was awake.  All I knew is I had to get to my children. My children who are home safe, asleep in their beds, here with me.  My heart is […]

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