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Losing your Legs to Italians

by Toiny Westberry 24 October 2012
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Saturday was an incredible day. After my morning NL, we went out for a drive to the new house and wound up making an offer! It’s been accepted and now we are wading through the next steps. It is an incredibly confusing journey, but I’ve got some wonderful people holding my hand, and I’m 100% […]

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A Shot of Water

by Toiny Westberry 6 October 2012
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Don’t get me wrong, I’m not thrilled at having to search for a new home.  I do love touring new neighborhoods and houses! Yesterday Dave & I spent the morning driving through the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) right behind our current house.  We live on the edge, literally on the edge, and in five minutes it […]

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Falcon Trainer

by Toiny Westberry 5 September 2012
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I’m working feverishly on a new photobook for my mom, actually two!  One from her visit here, with the kids, and one from our big sisters get-together in Belgium in July.  I’m hoping to finish & get them on her doorstep before she flies back to the states this weekend.  I can’t believe how fast […]

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I hate goodbye’s

by Toiny Westberry 1 September 2012
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And that’s it.  De Oma & De Opa are gone.  They left late this morning, on the way to their next stop in Holland to see my Oma, de Oma’s mother. I’m bribing Dane with my secret stash of  Yu-Gi-Oh cards to keep him smiling.  He’s in my office every 5-10 minutes remembering he’s sad […]

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by Toiny Westberry 29 August 2012
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I am not a morning person.  Not that I think 6 am qualifies as morning anyway, that’s still night.  Regardless of how I feel, the rest of the world seems to think that’s a fine time to get up and start our days.  This week Cole started high school, and we are once again facing […]

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Mr. Chips Goodbye Beer

by Toiny Westberry 11 August 2012
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Before anyone sends me a concerned email, no little boys were actually drinking beer!  Cole is merely holding the glass (okay, okay, he took a sip) to show off a regular beer vs. a giant beer.  For that matter, that’s not even Christian’s beer.  It’s Mr. Chips beer.  We all helped Mr. Chip drink that […]

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Ice Cream after Every Dinner

by Toiny Westberry 8 August 2012

I’m still going through the 700+ pictures from our extended-family weekend.  My mom is anxiously awaiting her photo book, the next best thing to being there.  This one has almost all of us in it.  I miss being in a house with 13 people.  A big part of me loves having a full house.  I […]

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at La Roche en Ardenne

by Toiny Westberry 4 August 2012
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I took 700 pictures last weekend.  700.  I struggled to pick just one for the newsletter.  I really debated putting in the one of my sister, Annelore, right as Soren surprises her.  It wasn’t the big bear hug, or the scruffy beard, that surprised her but the fact that he was there at all!  I […]

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I Miss My Big Boys

by Toiny Westberry 30 June 2012
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We knew all along it was a possibility, and honestly I am not ready to leave Germany let alone pack-up and move.  Earlier this month we got our orders.  Not an extension, but a full consecutive tour.  We are in Germany another three full years. Most of me is really, really happy.  I love my […]

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The American Cemetery in Margraten

by Toiny Westberry 30 May 2012
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I had a hard time writing this today, my hand notwithstanding.  I try to keep politics out of the store, and have it be a welcoming place for everyone.  But I am a soldiers wife.  I am soon to be a soldiers mother.  It is because of the military I am in Germany.  Politics are […]

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