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Personal Notes

Min in Berlin

by Toiny Westberry 9 March 2013
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I love my new house.  I love being home. I hate unpacking boxes. I hate that every weekend is about unpacking the boxes.  Of course, it’s not all we do, but it is a lot of what we do and after 2 months it was time for a break. And what do you know?  My good […]

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by Toiny Westberry 6 March 2013
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On Saturday friends stopped by.  German friends from the old neighborhood.  Kai had called ahead to make sure we were home, and he offered to bring the cake.  Sure!  I love cake. I assumed the cake was for dessert.  Silly me.  Never assume.  Never, ever, assume with Germans.  The cake was for kaffeetrinken (coffee drinking).  Kaffeetrinken […]

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Military Life

by Toiny Westberry 2 March 2013
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The people in my  house have rounded the corner and are feeling better.  Everyone except little Dane.  Dane had troopered through this week playing nurse to everyone, now it is his turn to be sick.  Let me tell you, the kid is putting in an Oscar-worthy performance of a very sick, very little boy.  Yes, […]

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My Beloved Camels

by Toiny Westberry 27 February 2013
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Everyone in my house has a cold.  A bad, horrible, terrible, stuffy cold.  Everyone except Dane.  Dane who is bursting with pride at being needed.  He is happily racing from room-to-room fetching juice, tissues or medicine to keep us all from being too miserable.  I am praying all his efforts aren’t rewarded with a big […]

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Hey you! Yes you. How YOU Doin’?

by Toiny Westberry 23 February 2013
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I woke up this morning with a terrible hangover, completely unfair because I did not have a drop to drink!  It turns out it’s just a migraine.  Joy. Migraines make my days move slow and feel like I’m moving through molasses. It’s just surreal. This week I’ve left my camera at home. It’s cold & […]

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Eau d’Cow

by Toiny Westberry 20 February 2013
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We are becoming quite the regulars at the farm, whether it be for fresh, warm milk or a playdate.  I’m slowly building up our collection of reusable glass bottles for our milk hauls.  I can’t wait till it warms up & I can try making fresh ice cream.  Remember when I tried my neighbors fresh […]

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Frau VestberrY: Dispensing Magic like Merlin

by Toiny Westberry 16 February 2013
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Dane is having a hard time integrating into the new kindy.  It weighs me down and hurts my heart.  It is a very small village, all the kids have known each other since birth. Probably before.  I imagine them high-fiving through their mothers wombs.  It’s hard to break into this tough crowd. Thankfully he still […]

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Fasching 2013

by Toiny Westberry 13 February 2013
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Sunday, for the second year running, we went to the big Fasching (Mardi Gras, Carnaval) parade.  This year we went to the gorgeous, I’m-in-love, Weil Der Stadt.  It was spectacular.  Amazing.  Freezing.  And two hours long.  I think I’m still struggling to feel my toes. Weil Der Stadt does it bigger & better than Ergenzingen […]

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He Drank the Koolaid

by Toiny Westberry 9 February 2013
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Wednesday evening, after the newsletter had gone out, Tess & I finally, successfully got milk fresh from the cow! Fresh, warm, creamy.  Incredibly delicious and a new, weekly, must-have, extra errand to run. In the meantime, it’s been snowing every day.  Not quite non-stop, but close. It is a stunning, breath-taking winter wonderland.  I’ve already […]

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Milking Cows. Part II.

by Toiny Westberry 6 February 2013
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On Saturday we had guests!  Dave’s boss, wife and three kiddo’s stopped by for a little house tour, socializing & dinner.  There is truly nothing I love more than a houseful of people.  When there are kids to spare, my day is complete.  It was one of those perfect afternoons where all the kids, ages 2 […]

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