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Me & Annelore & Chief O’Brien

by Toiny Westberry 24 November 2012
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My beautiful sister, Annelore, was here.  A quick whirlwind tour, way too short, completely without my adorable niece & nephew, but here.  So, so here. Annelore had a work conference in Stuttgart, not even Stuttgart, in Böblingen, halfway between us & Stuttgart!  She came bursting in on Thanksgiving (I knew she was coming of course) […]

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Happy Halloween…. BOO!

by Toiny Westberry 31 October 2012
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Don’t scroll down if you are easily frightened or not a Halloween fan.  We have only one picture from our big Halloween party last Saturday, taken by little Dane, and it’s a doozy! We love Halloween.  We love dressing up, trick-or-treating, scary movie marathons,  and just being goofy one night a year. This year friends […]

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Tong, not Thong

by Toiny Westberry 11 October 2012
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It was a bad week, but with bad there is always some good to be found and I found something awesome this week! I found a new friend. A wild, crazy, totally me kind-of-friend. Even when I was near tears this week she pulled me right up and had me laughing in minutes. This is […]

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Shot 93

by Toiny Westberry 22 September 2012
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Tammy helps me keep our blog updated, every thursday she shows off a new collection and creates a little freebie for all our blog readers. This week she asked me for a photo of me.  She wanted to show off the new Birthday Girl Collab with a LO featuring me!   Apparently my babbling last week […]

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by Toiny Westberry 18 August 2012
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Running theStudio is a full-time job, sometimes it’s more than a full-time job.  This week was one of those weeks.  I’m working at hard to bring some new products your way, add a little more to the store for your scrapping needs.  New always equals head-banging for me.  It also means my kids get left […]

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4th of July in Germany

by Toiny Westberry 7 July 2012
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There are times when I ditch the camera and just let loose & have a good time.  Wednesday night was one of those times.  At the last minute we decide to head over to post & watch the 4th of July fireworks.  I normally skip these things because 1) post is pretty far from home; […]

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A Simple, Skinny Thread

by Toiny Westberry 4 July 2012
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While we are skipping the celebrations today, we  celebrated a little last Saturday.  Not that it was truly a happy  celebration, we are getting ready to say goodbye to our dear friends  Chip & Jamie as they head back to the states.  Mississippi has no  idea what’s coming their way. We spent the day up […]

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Our Amazing Race

by Toiny Westberry 2 June 2012
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Every muscle in my body hurts.  Dave put on an “Amazing Race” event for his soldiers.  Since I’m the Amazing Race fan in our house, I volunteered to help.  This week my volunteer hours turned into a full-time job! Coming up with stops wasn’t hard, typing up clues was a little harder, running the race […]

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Our First College Graduate

by Toiny Westberry 12 May 2012
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Twenty-two years ago I missed my own college graduation, and instead had a beautiful, amazing, perfect little boy.  He changed my life forever.  Last Saturday my little boy graduated college.  The first in our family to do so.  I cannot describe the enormous pride, love, emotion pouring out of my body.  I have tears just […]

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Puntbroodjes are for Ducks

by Toiny Westberry 19 April 2012
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I have lots of beautiful photo’s of my kids.  I love them!  But I also have some awesome shots of the wildlife at Beekse Bergen over Easter Break.  My favorite, of course, are the giraffes, I still get giggly like a schoolgirl when I look at those images.  I also have a beautiful one of […]

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