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Converting to B&W with a FREE action

by Toiny Westberry 30 April 2013
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Before I begin, I have to announce the final winner in our month-long weekly giveaways.  We had one more camera stashed away (please read There’s still time for one more give away…) and we have a winner!  Congrats to NancyP, lucky number 13, winner of a beautiful, new, red Kodak Easyshare camera!  Nancy, we will […]

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Let’s Make A Photo Book Album 4 by BooLand Designs

by renee 5 April 2013
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Today I want to show you all about a great and easy way to make a Photo Book.  The talented Boo from BooLand Designs created  this ‘Let’s Make a Photobook’ Ready to Go Album for all those people who are either new at digital scrapbooking or who want to make a photo book in an […]

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Journey of a Photo Edit

by Toiny Westberry 26 March 2013
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I often get asked how my photos turn out so wonderfully.  It is a true combination of ingredients; a good camera (Canon Rebel); photoshop; luck; 1,000 different shots; amazing actions.  I’m especially a huge fan of Jodi Friedman’s actions over at MCP Actions. This photo appears in Wednesdays Studio Newsletter, under Personal Notes.  I’m going […]

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How To: Lighten a Photo

by Steph 4 September 2012

Ever take a great photo only to be disappointed that the lighting isn’t right? As in, you’ve got a dark photo? Today I am going to show you how to fix a dark photo. It’s pretty simple! Here is the photo I want to lighten up- My daughter and husband’s faces are a little too […]

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Me & the Giraffe

by Toiny Westberry 12 April 2012
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I’d been hoping for weeks that we could make a trip up to Holland and see my Oma. There are so many things that must fall exactly right for us to go. Most important, the van must drive. Dave’s back has to be up to the long drive. Dave needs to be home, and not […]

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Cloning: Not just for Scientists

by Steph 10 April 2012
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I like to play photographer at home sometimes. There is just one problem..I’m NOT a photographer! Good thing I am a PS’er though!  I wanted to snap a few pics of my kids in their Easter clothes. It was too wet outside, so my living room became a “studio” This is the only decent picture […]

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Before and After

by Toiny Westberry 28 March 2012
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I’ve been watching some gorgeous pictures come by on my facebook. I have friends who are photographers and they just have a way with the camera that makes me drool. I’m especially fond of the light in their photos. Their subjects radiate with light and warmth, without losing any of the clarity. My goal in […]

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Quick Photo Fix in PSE

by Nibbles Skribbles 13 March 2012

I don’t know about you, but I prefer my photos with natural light. Sometimes my kids are in the perfect position for a photo and I don’t have time to play with the settings to get the right shutter speed and aperture…and frankly, I am not a photographer and don’t know what the right settings […]

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Easy Photo Edit in PS

by Steph 12 March 2012
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I love Photoshop and all of it’s neat-o photo editing capabilities. But, if I’m being honest, the actual photo editing it not my favorite thing. However, there is one thing that I do to all my photos. And that is play with the levels. It’s so easy to instantly make your photo POP with levels. So […]

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Photo’s without Memory

by Toiny Westberry 3 March 2012
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I took some awesome pictures of Dane yesterday! It was warm, sunny and we took his new-to-him bike with training wheels out for a spin around the block. The problem is, in both our excitement, I shot the whole series without memory card. I could kick myself. We got lots of stares as he rode […]

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