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Below Zero with a Cold

by Toiny Westberry 11 February 2012
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I have been fighting a wicked cold all week. Yesterday my body finally got the best of me, burst out into a fever and laid me flat. I’m soooooo embarrassed that a fever of 101F laid me flat. My kids still bounce around at 103F. I couldn’t have bounced if you had offered me a […]

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Cole in Black & White

by Toiny Westberry 1 February 2012
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My newsletters tend to be filled with stories & photos of my two youngest, Tess & Dane. They are the two I spend the most time with, share the most moments with, and the ones who like to pose for photos. I really do like sharing photos of my crew, it brings a little life […]

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Free Photo Fixers

by Toiny Westberry 30 December 2010

As my first post I’m being double-y lazy here.  This is a copy from a blurb in theStudio Newsletter.  I thought it a good place to start when I wrote it, and I think it’s still a good start to our photography section… off we go! Being lazy today, but hopefully full of good information […]

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