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It’s October.  You may have been expecting an abundance of Halloween Kits and Collections.  You may still get some of that before October is over but you’re not getting that this week.  Nope.  This week (officially today) there is a brand new Coordinating Collection debuting.  Like the traditional brick and mortar stores that have shamelessly been stocking their shelves with ornaments and pine sprays since what seems to have been the day after Easter, the designers at The Studio have joined the masses.  The theme and category is Merry Christmas, but even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you’ll want to take a peek.

This isn’t your ordinary holiday collection but it is a great way to get started and keep to your budget at only ONE DOLLAR per product, you can literally shop til you drop and then scrap or craft your heart out.  I instantly though of package decorations when I saw this set of flairs from Nibbles Skribbles.

If traditional is your thing then you’ll love Holiday Traditions by ADB Designs.  It’s filled with poinsettias, pine cones and beautiful, shiny gold ornaments.

Valentina’s Creations has these amazing Merry Christmas Journal Cards.  I can just FEEL HYBRID!  Print these on some sticker paper and your gift tags are ready to go!

I fell in love with Jilbert’s entire Gatherings set.  It focuses a bit more on the Thanksgiving or Family dinner theme, yet it would work for the perfect page of my grandmother or uncle Joe.

Do you bake with your children or grandchildren?  Manu Scraps has all you need to preserve those memories with her Merry Christmas {Christmas Baking} elements and frosted cookie alpha set.

Love the rich, warmth of vintage red?  Studio4 Design Works has you covered with her Merry Christmas Red Stamped Papers.  These are a stunning companion to her Merry Christmas Kit.  It reminds me of hot cocoa and marshmallows and would be perfect for any winter pages or projects.

Ready your winter or festive photos.  There are torn pages by The Kit Cart, Christmas Angels papers by Vero and Tis the Season Splats by The Urban Fairy.

The scrapping possibilities are endless and each of these is on sale for just $1 Each.  Don’t tarry though.  This sale ends on October 15th.  After that, you’ll pay full price and that’s no fun at all!  While you’re there, shopping and working on your list, be sure to pick up all of the bonus Christmas cards.



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Light plays a very important part in digital design and in our scrapbook pages.  It can be used to add drama to both our photographs and layouts.  Today let’s look at the Lighting Effects filter in Photoshop and see how we can make that work for us.

The Lighting Effect Filter is not available in Photoshop Elements; however, the Lens Flare Filter, which we talked about last week, is an option for you.  In case you missed that tutorial,  you will find it listed below, along with other Filter tutorials you might find helpful.

Using the Lens Flare Filter in Photoshop

Using the Shear Filter in Photoshop

Using the Liquify Filter in Photoshop

Today I am using Photoshop CC2014; however,  the Lighting Effects Filter is also available in previous versions of Photoshop.

Here is a layout by layout artist, Bernie, using Hay Day.  I love how she positioned her photograph and cluster in the lightest part of the background paper, but let’s see how we could use Lighting Effects to create even more drama.


Select the layer (or layout) you want to use for the filter.

Convert it to a Smart Object.  (Right Click on the layer > Convert to Smart Object.)  This will allow the filter to be applied as a Smart Filter, giving you the opportunity to adjust it if needed.  (For more about Smart Filters:  How Smart ARE Smart Filters?)

Go to the top Menu Bar and follow the path:  Filter > Render > Lighting Effects


A new window will open, showing your document and a Lighting Effects Panel.

The last filter used will automatically be previewed on your active document.    The last filter I used was the Infinite Filter.  It’s not the filter I want on this layout, so let’s explore our options.


Presets are available for us in the first drop-down box: Point, Spot, Infinite.  I have chosen to use the Spot Preset.


The following is true of all Preset options:

Two elliptical selections are visible around a center pen.  The inner ellipse is the “hotspot,” or where the most intense light is.  The outer ellipse will show the range of the overall light. And you will also see a center circle/dot.


Use the top and bottom white handles (dots) on the outer elliptical to scale the width of the lighting effect; use the right and left handles to scale the length of the effect. Position your cursor just outside the outer elliptical and click; without letting go of the mouse rotate the effect to your liking.  Click and hold anywhere within the ellipticals to move the effect around on your page.

There is a slight gray circle around the center pen.  Within that gray circle is a small lighter gray area.  Click and drag the lighted gray area to increase/decrease the intensity of the light.


There are also additional options in the Light Effects Property panel:

  • Use the Hotspot slider in the Lighting Effects Panel to adjust the size of your hotspot light.
  • Colorize your effect, and adjust the exposure with the “Colorize” option.
  • Experiment with the Gloss, Metallic, Ambiance and Texture options.  These will all affect each image in a different way.

When you are happy with your results, click OK.  Remember – if you have converted your image / layout to a Smart Object before applying a filter, you will have the option to go back and adjust it if you don’t like the end result.

This is the result I received using the Spot Effect, with the additional choices I made:



One layout is not better than another.  It is all personal preference and the look you are trying to achieve.

Lighting Effects are just one more tool to add to your arsenal of Photoshop techniques.  Experiment and have fun!

Working with this Fall layout reminded me of how much I like Hay Day!  With Fall upon us, I think it is a perfect time to put Hay Day on sale for you, as well as offer you this beautiful cluster, created by Kabra.  Just click HERE or on the image below to download.


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Let’s celebrate a golden autumn, with its beautiful and amazing and vibrant colors!! Shining Autumn Glory by Feli Designs is a wonderful autumn kit, filled with lots and lots of beautiful and unique autumn elements all in shades of red, yellow and green. The kit is absolutely perfect for all autumn pages and will give all your photo’s that special autumn feel. Shining Autumn Glory will make you fall in love with autumn over and over again!

Laten we een gouden herfst vieren met deze prachtige en levendige kleuren!! Shining Autumn Glory van Feli Designs is een prachtige herfstkit, gevuld met een heleboel mooie en unieke herfst elementen allemaal in tinten rood, geel en groen. De kit is helemaal perfect voor al je herfst pagina’s en geeft al je prachtige en dierbare herfstfoto’s dat speciale herfstgevoel. Shining Autumn Glory laat je weer helemaal verliefd worden op de herfst!


Besides the kit there are some amazing extras, like the Shining Autumn Arrangements, the Shining Autumn Clusters and two packs of Shining Autumn quickpages. All to make your scrapping easier!

Naast de kit zijn er een aantal prachtige extra’s, zoals de Shining Autumn Arrangements, de Shining Autumn Clusters and twee sets Shining Autumn quickpages. Allemaal om het scrappen makkelijker voor je te maken!


I can imagine you like all of these products, so there is a great deal for you. The Shining Autumn Glory Bundle is currently on sale for a whole 60% off! Just be sure you don’t miss this!

Ik kan me voorstellen dat je al deze producten leuk vindt en daarom is er een prachtige aanbieding voor je. De Shining Autumn Glory Bundle is momenteel in de aanbieding met een korting van 60%! Mis het niet!!


Finally I will show the quickpage I made for you. You can download below. Please enjoy!

Dan zal ik nu de quickpage laten zien die ik gemaakt heb voor jullie. Je kunt hem hieronder downloaden. Veel plezier ermee!




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At The Fire Station by Nibbles Skribbles

by tammy 25 September 2014
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Do your kids visit the Fire Station every year?  Here’s what Nibbles Skribbles has to say about it, “Every fall, the local fire station hosts an open house where the kids can come and climb in the trucks, meet real fire fighters and learn about fire safety. My kids LOVE going and checking it out, […]

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Using the Lens Flare Filter in Photoshop

by SnickerdoodleDesigns 20 September 2014
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Thank you for once again letting me know that you are enjoying exploring Filters in Photoshop.     Based upon your feedback and interest, I will take the next few weeks to explore a few more filters that I think you will find useful in your scrapbooking layouts.  Today let’s look at the Lens Flare Filter. […]

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Love To Learn by Flower Scraps and a free quickpage for you

by renee 19 September 2014
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Back to School is such a fun time of year – the kids are excited to see their friends, meet their teachers and learn new things.  Young kids are so excited about every new thing they learn and it’s so fun to watch them learn and grow!  Love to Learn by Flower Scraps is all […]

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CU Autumn Sale with Zesty Designs

by tammy 18 September 2014
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Zesty Designs is celebrating  Autumn with a big sale in her CU store, everything is 45% off!!! What can be better than that?  Just a take a look at all the great stuff that she has, there is so much to choose from, here’s just a few.  Be sure to head over to her store […]

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Using the Shear Filter in Photoshop

by SnickerdoodleDesigns 13 September 2014
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Last week we talked about Using the Liquify Filter in Photoshop.  Many of you wrote to say that you have not used Photoshop Filters before.  So today let’s look at another filter that can be helpful to you in your scrapbook layouts: the Shear Filter. The use of paper strips is very popular in layouts.  […]

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A Mess by The Urban Fairy and a free quickpage for you

by renee 11 September 2014
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A Mess by The Urban Fairy is exactly as it sounds! A mess. A totally beautiful, colorful hot mess! The bright colors used for this mess are a perfect pop against the darkness of the papers. A Mess is an awesome kit to scrap all kinds of photo’s, to create traditional pages and art journal […]

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Southern Serenity is staying at TheStudio

by tammy 11 September 2014
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Southern Serenity Designs is staying on as our permanent template Designer & she’s having a 40% off sale this week to celebrate!!! Southern Serenity Designs’ templates are beautifully layered, easy to use, digital scrapbooking templates. Just replace the paper and element shape layers with digital papers and elements from your favorite digi kit, drop in […]

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