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Commercial Use

Let’s take a look at what is new in our CU store this week.  I have some lovely goodies to show you.

First one is  this wonderful Vintage Button Duo from Snickerdoodle Designs.  SAVE 34%!

Vintage Buttons Duo 1

I don’t know about you, but I can never have too many messy, grunge brushes. Lara’s Digi World has a couple of great new products.  SAVE 30%!

Brush Me Vol. 4 by Laras Digi World

Brush Me Vol. 5 by Laras Digi World

I love these leaves from Manu Scraps, and she has offered so many different options in this pack.  SAVE 35%!

CU Foliage

Manu Scraps is also offering these gorgeous, vibrant yellow roses.  SAVE 35%!

CU Roses {Yellow}

Wendy P has two beautiful new products in here store.  CU Mix 39 – Ribbon Flowers.  SAVE 20%!

CU Mix 39 - Ribbon Flowers

CU Mix 40 – Pink Ribbons.  SAVE 20%!

CU Mix 40 - Pink Ribbons

New from Zesty Digital Designs – CU Green Bits.  Save 40%!

CU Green Bits

These CU White Plumeria look so Spring like…………perfect timing!  SAVE 40%!

CU White Plumeria (Frangipani)

From The Urban Fairy, some more fantastic grunge brushes.  SAVE 30%!

Grunge Love ( Brushes )

Mad Genius Designs has 4 great new brush packs in her Brush Genius series.  ALL 30% OFF!


Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes has released 4 great new products – ALL 30% OFF!


……….and now the FREEBIE! This lovely little Designer Gift Sampler comes to you from ADB Designs CU store.  Click on the image to download and enjoy!


Happy scrapping…………





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I’m a little late with this blog post………..well a lot late really, but real life has intervened recently!

I have some great new products to show you.  Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes has created some extra start files to compliment her very popular Paper Flower Action available in both PSE and PSCS versions.  Currently these Add-on Start Files are 30% off!

Paper Flower Action - Add-on Start Files

……..and who couldn’t resist adding some lace to your flowers.  This fabulous Irish Lace Flower Templates Collection from Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes and Snickerdoodle Designs is now available with a massive 50% saving!

Irish Lace Flower Templates Collection

I love these Earth Day Layered Patterns by Nibbles Skribbles.  Save 30%!

Earth Day Layered Patterns by Nibbles Skribbles

ADB Designs has another great vintage/heritage mix in her popular Designer Potpourri range.  Designer Potpourri Vol 11   Save 40%.

Designer Potpourri Vol 11

Doodles are always versatile as you can do so much with them.  Check out these Bohemian Doodles from Flower Scraps.

Bohemian Doodles

I can never resist some templates, they are so handy to have in one’s stash.  Check out these beauties from Nibbles Skribbles -  Save 30%!

Inspired by Steph Templates by Nibbles Skribbles

These lovely Arrival Signature Papers from BooLand designs will be a great addition to your Spring pages.  Save 40%!

Arrival Signature Papers CU

This Sweet Patterns Collection is gorgeous!  There are 40 patterns, with tiles included and you can now purchase with a huge 55% saving!

Sweet Patterns {Collection}

And now for this great FREEBIE , kindly created for you by Zesty Digi Designs.  It co-ordinates with her Worlds Away Overlays and Papers.  Click on the image to download the freebie and enjoy!


I’ll be back next Monday to bring you some more new goodies in our CU store.  Until then…………. happy scrapping!



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Unless you’ve been hiding away in some remote cabin without any internet access, you’ve read or seen the results of an action I released last month … the Paper Flower Action. I have been blown away with the response to what started out as a whim and all the excitement it’s generated. And, while there’s been so many positive things said about it, there have also been some problems that, fortunately, people have taken the time to ask me about.

The main problem is the fact that Photoshop does not always “Place” images in the exact center of the canvas. I don’t know why. You’d think the smart people over at Adobe could fix this … and they did have it right at one time, but not anymore. Unfortunately, I can’t control this within the scope of an action … or at least I haven’t figured out how to do it yet. It’s because of this, that I added the wording “Make sure the paper is centered …” into the directions just before you open the paper you’re going to use.

So when you first start off, you open the start file and, depending on your monitor resolution, it kind of looks like this. The reason for all the room around the flower is due to the filter I use to distort the paper that you are about to place on top of the start flower. The canvas is a typical full-size scrapbook page, which is 3600 pixels x 3600 pixels at 300 dpi (or 12 inches x 12 inches at 300 dpi).


Then the action has you open your paper file, which then gets “Placed” on top of the start flower. As I noted, you need to make sure it’s centered which would mean x=1800 px and y=1800 px … but look … it’s no where near that! In all honesty, unless you look at the numbers in the tool bar, you may not even notice because it might only be a little bit off. However, you really need to get into the habit of looking and making sure the numbers are right. NOTE: Unless you have REALLY good eyesight, click on my images to enlarge them.


Why should you look at the numbers? Well, if it just a little off, no problem. However, I continued to run this action using the placement above and look what happened. Of course, to make things a bit more obvious, I had to unclip the paper.


The arrows point out 2 problems. The paper has a gap at the top of the flower and there’s a hole (a little off center) in the middle. This has to do with the filter that I use to distort the paper and, so as not to make your head explode, I’ll not go into the details about it here. In many cases, other than looking weird, if you finish playing the action, the paper will get merged into the start flower and it will pass QC because my start flowers passed QC … but it won’t look right.

So, is there a way to avoid this? One is to make sure the paper is centered before you finalize its placement. The other way to do this is to open the paper before running the action and do a copy/paste from the paper file to the start file. Or do your own “Place” by holding down the shift key as you place the paper. But you will need to remember NOT to start the action at the beginning. Start things up where I show the arrow in the screenshot below.  PLEASE NOTE: This does not apply to PSE versions 6-10. While I have PSE 6, I have yet to test all this out in that version. PLUS, your action was written specifically for the early versions and it’s actually a set of actions and it doesn’t look like the action pictured below.


Personally, while these other methods work, I find it easier to just look in the tool bar and check the position of my paper before I commit it (and this method WILL me work in PSE versions 6-10).

Questions? Comments? I’d love to hear them. I also plan on posting more details on my blog (warning … I’m talking about the kind of details that might make your head explode) — — so be sure to keep an eye out if you’re interested.

*** Update ***

Seems Adobe decided to move the tool information for PSE 12 (maybe even earlier versions, but I only have PSE 6 and 12). You can get this information by selecting “Tool Options” from the bar in the lower left side of the window.


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