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Designers are always on the look-out for ideas to build a collection around. Fortunately, this one was easy. While cruising around the internet, looking for inspiration,  the designers from he{art} journaling came across the playful animals created by artist Daniel Mackie and, with an added touch of art nouveau and art deco, Patchwork Menagerie was born. It is a wonderful and artistic kit perfect for all kinds of pages. From art journaling to scrapping photo’s from your kids or from the nature around us, Patchwork Menagerie is a beautiful kit to play with!

Designers zijn altijd op zoek naar nieuwe ideeën om een collectie te maken. Gelukkig was deze makkelijk. Tijdens een speurtocht over het internet, op zoek naar inspiratie, kwamen de designers van he{art} journaling leuke speelse dieren tegen gemaakt door de artiest Daniel Mackie. Ze hebben wat art nouveau en art deco toegevoegd en zo ontstond Patchwork Menagerie. Het is een prachtige en artistieke kit geschikt voor allerlei layouts. Van art journaling tot het scrappen van foto’s van je kinderen of van de natuur rondom ons, Patchwork Menagerie is een heerlijke kit om mee te spelen!


Besides the kit there are wonderful extras, like borders, characters, pattern papers and more. Just take a look below or in the store from he{art} journaling here.

Naast de kit zijn er prachtige extra’s, zoals borders, characters, pattern papers en nog veel meer. Kijk maar eens hieronder of neem een kijkje in de winkel van he{art} journaling hier.



Now I can imagine you would not want to miss out on any of these products. So there is an amazing deal for you! Just purchase the Patchwork Menagerie Collection which is currently on sale for 60% off and the whole collection will be yours!

Nu kan ik me voorstellen dat je helemaal niets van deze producten wilt missen. Daarom is er een geweldige aanbieding! Koop de Patchwork Menagerie Collection en je krijgt een korting van 60% en de hele collectie is voor jou!


Here is the quickpage I made for you, please enjoy!

Hier is de quickpage die ik voor jullie gemaakt heb. Veel plezier ermee!



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Ladybug, Ladybug

It is time for the first week of the SnickerdoodleDesigns Round Robin. This week is a collab with Katie of Just So Scrappy, the kit is fun, playful and bright!

Here is what Karen has to say about this fabulous new collection:

I have been a traditional scrapper for many years, and started exploring digital scrapping in 2008.  Like many of us new to the digital scrapbook world, I downloaded a lot of freebies to see if I would even like digital scrapbooking before investing in the purchase of kits.  The first freebie I downloaded was a cute ladybug Brag Book by a brand new designer,  Just So Scrappy.  I loved it so much, I soon purchased the coordinating kit.  Katie and I became “digi-friends” and began sharing tutorials and techniques with each other.  I started designing word art for Katie’s kits, and through that process Katie recognized the passion I had for design.  It was at her suggestion and with her support, that I started designing my own products in January 2010.  When I decided to accept the Round Robin Challenge, I knew I had to start it off with Katie as my collaboration partner, with “ladybugs” as our theme.  The result is “Fly Away Home,” a kit full of vibrant colors, whimsical elements, and Katie’s famous layered flowers.  Katie has also given me permission to show you her very first kit, Ladybug, Ladybug.  Thanks, Katie, for being an encourager and such a great sport!

Fly Away Home is a cheerful, whimsical kit, full of bright colors and unique elements.  This kit is perfect to use when scrapping happy days, cheerful times, and treasured memories.

Please ask questions in the Round Robin FAQs, I will update that post with answers.

A Round Robin is One Month, One Designer, Four Collabs.

How do you come in, and more importantly, how can you save extra?
Answer: Create a LO!

The LO rules are simple:

What are the discounts:

The best news? These discounts are stackable. That means if you participate in all four Social Media venues, your final discount code will be an additional 40% on the next Round Robin Collab. How much you save is up to you!

I will PM coupons good off the next COLLECTION each week on Wednesdays. The coupons are good for one week only. The final week coupon will be for the featured Round Robin Designers personal use store.

Please post your layout in the forum thread with links to where each LO is posted (our Round Robin gallery, your pinterest, facebook & google+).

SnickerdoodleDesigns & Just So Scrappy have together created the beautiful, happy, Fly Away Home:

Fly Away Home  Fly Away Home   Fly Away Home
Fly Away Home
Fly Away Home
Fly Away Home

Or, save the most when you purchase the entire collection!

Fly Away Home

For a limited time get this Fly Away Home Add On FREE! Just click to download & enjoy.

Fly Away Home Freebie


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Over the past 3 weeks we’ve been exploring Photoshop Masks and how they can help us in digital scrapbooking.

This tutorial will provide an overview of general techniques. For specifics, such as how to apply a mask, please review our previous tutorials:

Masking with the Gradient Tool     PDF     You Tube

Stretching your Digi-Stash using Layer Masks     PDF     You Tube

Using Layer Masks in Photoshop     PDF     You Tube

Today let’s look at 4 different ways to Stretch your Digi-Stash using Photoshop Masking Techniques and/or Photo Clipping Masks.

1. Photo Clipping Masks are great tools that allow us to quickly and easily cause one layer to take the shape of another layer.  Very often we will see photos clipped to Photo Clipping Masks.  Below is an example of a photo clipped to one of my Garden Masks.


Sometimes we might need to tweak a mask, depending upon the photo we are using. In the image above,  I don’t like the positioning of my photo where the butterfly is. A brown branch and the top of the photo itself is showing at the top of the butterfly wings. Moving the photo around in the mask didn’t solve the problem, so modifying the mask was the next step.

I applied a clipping mask to the photo mask, chose a soft-edged brush, and painted away the butterfly.

By using this technique to modify photo masks, you can use them over and over again, without ever having them look the same!



2. Modifying a Mask by adding to it is also a great option when working with certain photographs.  In the image below, I have clipped a photo of my grandson Owen to my Garden Mask 3.  I would prefer not to see the few little “blobs” (transparent areas of the mask) on his forehead.


In this case it is a simple matter of grabbing a brush, choosing a color from the color picker (here I chose black to match the mask), and painting in the areas of the mask that I didn’t want to see.  To make it easy, I made the photo layer invisible, and brushed away the obvious “blobs.”


 I then clipped the photo to the mask (for visibility), and making sure my mask layer was selected, brushed over the finer scratches that were visible on Owen’s face, removing those also.


3. Blend a Photo Mask into a background paper.

Who says we have to use Photo Masks as they are intended? Let’s think outside the box!

Norma, a member of my creative team,  placed Mask #3 on a background paper and changed the mask Blend Mode to Overlay.  She was using the Mask as a “design element” on her page, rather than as a clipping mask.


Here is her final layout (Kits used: Scenic Route, The Long Road Home):


4.  Use only part of a Photo Clipping Mask to create a border design. This works better with some masks than others, but experiment and see what you can come up with! Norma flipped  this Masks – Garden #3 to take advantage of the designs on the left side.


She stretched the flipped mask to 12″ in height, and positioned it on the left side of her background paper.  Norma next clipped her photograph to her newly created mask-border.  She used the original mask in the body of her layout, to create this stunning page. (Kit used: Rocky Mountain Dreams).


Masks.  I love them! Photoshop Masking Techniques and Photo Masks!  We can get soooo much more out of our digi-supplies with using these tools and our imagination!  Just look at the 3 different looks Norma achieved using the same mask!

I created a sampler for you to try some of these techniques on.  Just click the image below to download.


I hope you have found this series on masking helpful.

What should we talk about next? I welcome your suggestions! Just leave them in the Comment area at the bottom of this post!

If you would like to keep this tutorial on your computer for easy reference, you may download a PDF here.



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Travel Reporter by eqrAveziur Designs and a free quickpage for you

by renee 26 February 2015
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Have you done your traveling lately, or have gone to shopping to downtown?  To visit relatives on a train or a holiday in a caravan? Maybe you’ve moved, or you have taken a ride on a nice summer sailing, or walking with your family along the park. Even you have flown across the world! Then this kit […]

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Round Robin: Sweet On You

by Nibbles Skribbles 24 February 2015
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It is time for the final week of the Nibbles Skribbles Round Robin. This week is a collab with Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes, the kit is fun, playful and bright!  Here is what the designers have to say about the fabulous kit: Sweets. They are an important part of our lives! This kit is playful and fun and full […]

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Masking with the Gradient Tool

by SnickerdoodleDesigns 21 February 2015
Thumbnail image for Masking with the Gradient Tool

Over the past 2 weeks, we’ve been exploring Layers Masks.  As a refresher, or in case you missed those tutorials, you will find them here: Using layer Masks in Photoshop Stretching your Digi-Stash Using Layer Masks Today, let’s take a look at adding the Gradient Tool to Layer Masks and see how that can be […]

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Round Robin: Be Mine

by Nibbles Skribbles 17 February 2015

It is time for week three of the Nibbles Skribbles Round Robin. If you have anything lovey-dovey to scrap, you’ll love this weeks collection! Here is what the designers have to say about the fabulous kit: Love is in the air, and love does not need to be scrapped in shades of pink and red all the time! […]

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Stretching your Digi-Stash using Layer Masks

by SnickerdoodleDesigns 14 February 2015
Thumbnail image for Stretching your Digi-Stash using Layer Masks

Last week we defined and demonstrated how to create and use a Photoshop Layer Mask. (Using Layer Masks in Photoshop).  Today let’s look at one way in which we can use layer masks to stretch our digi-stash. As a reminder from last week’s tutorial: When would you use a mask? You would use a mask […]

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Happy Valentine and a free quickpage for you

by renee 12 February 2015

It’s almost Valentine and to help you celebrate we have a gorgeous Valentine’s sale for you. All Valentine kits will be off 40%. There a lots of beautiful Valentine kits in store, so now is your change to give yourself some love and treat yourself on some of these loving products! Het is bijna Valentijn […]

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New goodies in our CU store and a FREEBIE

by Robyn 9 February 2015
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We have some great new additions in our CU store this week. First cab off the rank is some fabulous bling from Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes. These little critters are all dressed up in their sparkling best. In Bling 3 there are 7 pieces including 1 butterflies, 1 dragon fly, 1 frog, 3 birds, and […]

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