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Last week we explored Creating a Custom Color Palette.  I hope you have had fun this week exploring that technique.  Today we are going to explore how to easily recolor an object.

As with most things in Photoshop, there are multiple ways to accomplish one goal.  Today I am going to explore just one of the many ways to recolor objects.  If you would like to learn additional ways, please leave me a comment expressing your interest, and I will be happy to share a few other techniques next week.

For the purposes of this tutorial,  I am using Photoshop CS6. This method works in Photoshop Elements as well.

Let’s look at how to change the color of an object by using a Hue/Saturation Adjustment.  I will use this purple heart from Heartsong in this tutorial.


I would like to change the heart to the rose color that is included in my Heartsong palette.  Here’s how:

1. Click on the Color Picker in the Tool Box (left of your workspace).
2.  Once the Color Picker opens, click on the color you would like to use.  I have clicked on the rose color in my Swatches Panel.  (You can also click on any color in your layout, or other document. You are not limited to choosing a color in the Swatches Panel.) Click OK.


3. Now you have a choice.  You may add a Hue/Saturation layer adjustment in 2 ways.  (Make sure that the layer of the object you intend to recolor is selected no matter which method you use.)

  • Way 1: Click on the Hue/Saturation Adjustment icon in the Adjustments Panel.


  • Way 2: Go to the top Menu Bar and click on Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation


Both methods will add a Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer on the layer above the object you wish to recolor.

With Way 1, you will need to manually clip your layer adjustment to the object you wish to recolor. If you don’t, the layer adjustment will affect ALL of the layers below it and not JUST the object you wish to recolor. (Read more about clipping masks:  Clipping Masks in Photoshop.)

With Way 2 you have the option of clipping that layer adjustment to your object as you create the layer itself. Just tick the box:  Use Previous Layer to Create Clipping Mask. Now your layer mask will be applied and will already be clipped to the object you wish to recolor.


Since I have already selected the color I want to use as my recolor (rose color), I will tick the Colorize box.  This will apply the rose color to my element. Sometimes this method gives me the perfect color immediately.  Sometimes I need to play with the Saturation and/or Lightness sliders just a little bit to get the look I want.

In this case, I took the saturation up a little by moving the slider to the right.  I’m happy with that, so I will just save it, being sure to give it a new name, so I don’t save over the original object.  (It’s always a good idea to work with a duplicate of any object, just to keep yourself from saving over the original document.)


Recoloring objects is a GREAT way to stretch your kit stash!  Some designers include every single element in every color in a kit palette.  Some designers don’t.  There are pros and cons to both philosophies, and it comes down to a personal designer preference.  If you have a kit that has… say a purple heart in it, but you want that heart rose colored, now you know how to make that change yourself… and stretch your stash!

The paper and element used in this tutorial are included in my just-released Kit/Collection, Heartsong!  Be sure to visit my SnickerdoodleDesigns blog to pick up a cluster freebie to help you get started scrapping what makes YOUR heart sing!



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She twirls in the garden ‘neath a butterfly’s wings.  Sunshine beaming brightly, it’s a Dance In To Spring!  Bold green and yellow, with a soft touch of peach, a festive gold owl, lets out a big screech.  Mushrooms, chrysanthemums, a twig in a bow, tiny sequined eggs all hung in a row.  Dress up the table with a doily so fine, get ready to celebrate, it’s finally spring time! Dance In To Spring by LouCee Creations has it all, it is absolutely perfect to scrap all your Spring memories!

Ze danst in de tuin, zoals de vleugels van een vlinder. Het zonlicht schijnt fel, het istijd voor een lentedans! Frisse groene en gele kleuren met een beetje perzik, een prachtige gouden uil, die met een luide schreeuw van zich laat horen. Paddenstoelen, chrysanten, een twijgje in een boog, lieve kleine eitjes hangend in een rij! Maak de tafel mooi met een kleedje, bereid je voor op het vieren van de lente! Dance In To Spring van LouCee Creations heeft het allemaal, deze kit is helemaal perfect om al je lente herinneringen te scrappen!


I also want to show you the lovely extras that go with this kit, take a look below!

Ik wil jullie ook de extra’z laten zien die bij deze kit horen, kijk hieronder maar eens!




Of course LouCee made a gorgeous deal for you. If you buy all these beautiful items together in one buy, you can save yourself a lot of money. The Dance In To Spring Collection is on sale for a whole 30% off!

Natuurlijk heeft LouCee een prachtige aanbieding voor jullie gemaakt. Als je al deze mooie producten in één keer koopt krijg je een flinke korting. De Dance In To Spring Collection is momenteel in de aanbieding met een korting van 30%!


Here is the quickpage I made for you, please enjoy!!

Hier is de quickpage die ik voor jullie gemaakt heb, veel plezier ermee!



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There are dozens of Easter activities going on right now, egg-cellent crafts, games, recipes, hunts & egg decorating.  With all those activities are dozens of pictures that will need scrapping and Crazy Daisy by WendyP Designs is just the kit to help you out.  It has beautiful flowers, soft pastel colors, and a little glitz  to make your layouts look great.

wendyp_kit_crazydaisy wendyp_pp_crazydaisy

To get you started I’ve made this stacked paper for you today, enjoy!!  and Happy Easter!!!



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