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Deals & Offers

Social Scraps by Carin Grobe Design has just been released in our Studio store.

This range of products is perfect to scrap stories and photos on Facebook and other social media sites.  Funny, romantic or even sad moments, milestones in a kid’s life or other important events should be remembered.  Min of  Carin Grobe Designs has sat down and created this kit that will help you to convert these social media scraps into a page for your scrapbook.  It is also great to scrap pictures of all those “geek” moments in your life – everything around phones, tablets and computers.

For a limited time  you can purchase the whole collection for a massive 47% saving.  Individual products can be purchased for a 33% saving.

Layouts from NancyP and PamR.


Enjoy this freebie made for you by Robyn.

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Carin Grobe Design has a great range of products called Zipped.  Currently Min is offering her Zipped range of products with a 40% saving until 25th November, or you can save 50% off the collection which consists of the full kit, some gorgeous coordinated glitter styles, cardstock, word frames and alphas.  The alphas have a fantastic zip edge as does the word frames.  Also available is a zipped card cutting file.

Here’s a cluster that I’ve made for you with this very versatile kit.  I hope you like it.  Enjoy!

***Download No Longer Available***



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I’m sooo ready for vacation.  It is H.O.T. in Texas right now.  By Friday we expect to see triple digits.  Combine that with 90+ % humidity and it’s just too much.  Believe me when I tell you that the “high country” is looking pretty darn good right now.  I have my list made and I’m checking it off.  I’m ready to pack and get on the road.  I’m ready to start taking pictures and do a little scrapping.  I’m ready to try that motion setting on my camera when my man doesn’t want to stop for the shot.

Of course I had to grab a new kit to scrap our road trip.  I mean really, having the right kit for vacation is as important as having the right clothes and snacks don’t you think?  I’ve packed my little EHD with the goodies I’ll need.  Since we’re headed to the mountains I went for rustic, woodsy kits.  I picked up Autumn Reflections by SKrapper Digitals.  It’s perfect for my mountain photos.  Filled with twigs and butterflies and well, it just has that rustic feel that I love.

I also grabbed the Summer Afternoon Page Kit by ADB Designs.

This is so perfect for our annual “Dress Like the Old West Photo”.  Every year we go to the little olde tyme photo shop in Ouray, Colorado.    The wagon wheel and rope in this kit really sealed the deal for me but I also loved the bits of red.  I think it will go perfect with our sepia toned prints.

This year I’m adding some of Boo’s Photo Books to my stash for vacation.  I never seem to be able to finish all my pages and I’m hoping having some “ready to go” pages that already coordinate will help speed things up for me.  I soooo want to make a photobook of our annual vacations.  And finally, I’m popping in My Old Jalopy by Booland too.  It’s as if she made this kit just for me.  The light pole and road signs will be the perfect touches needed to document our two day road trip.  Boo has the My Old Jalopy Page kit on sale for 40% off and the My Old Jalopy Complete Works for 60% off but lucky me, I already have it in my stash.  I made a cluster in anticipation of my first shot of light poles.  Maybe it will work for your vacation shots too?  There was also another matching freebie in today’s newsletter but if you missed it you can grab it here or by clicking the image below.


Here is the Bonus Freebie for you Road Trippers.  I’ll see you back in late August.  Hopefully with some fun photos.

***Download No Longer Available***


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