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Love is in the Air, plus a freebie!

by Jenn 4 February 2013
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Love is finding your stocking filled with the things you love and knowing that the person who filled it knows you like nobody else in the world. My husband and I are pretty good at choosing gifts for each other. We never do the typical department store Christmas, but rather focus on unique and personal items. […]

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The ABC’s of Life: Christmas edition – plus a freebie!

by Jenn 11 December 2012
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Have you ever been so busy that you can’t remember if you’re busy or not? These days, that’s my MO. I have so many things on my mind that from moment to moment, I’m not entirely sure whether there is something I am supposed to be doing or not. I’ve even started emailing people to […]

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New CU products from Snickerdoodle Designs (on sale), plus a freebie!

by Jenn 12 November 2012
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I almost didn’t tell this story. I find it slightly embarrassing actually. But to make my point, alas, here it is: Most of you probably know me as a layout artist on theStudio CT; I joined after winning the layout artist competition here at theStudio. But, here’s a secret: I once entered the designer contest that […]

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DSD Grab Bag Sale and a free quickpage for you!

by renee 2 November 2012

It’s almost DSD and part of the fun of DSD is shopping for awesome deals and surprises! That is why some talented Studio designers created beautiful grab bags for you, which I love to show of here! Het is bijna DSD en een deel van de pret van DSD zijn de geweldige aanbiedingen en verrassingen. […]

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Ginger Magic and Snow In Love are retiring, a 2-in-1 gift idea, and a freebie!

by Jenn 29 October 2012

With the holidays just around the corner, I’ve got plenty on my mind, from gifts to decorations to menus. Planning holiday get-together menus is one of my all-time favorite things to do. Not only do I love the opportunity to prepare long-time family favorites like my mother’s cheese potatoes,  holidays are for me an opportunity to […]

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Sporty Sass, and a freebie!

by Jenn 24 August 2012
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Did you watch the olympics this year? I did. I have to admit, I’m not usually a fan of watching sports on TV, but there’s just something about the olympics that changes that for me. I actually look forward to watching it every two years! The diving and gymnastics, cycling and track and field; and […]

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Amazing offer from BooLand Designs!

by Angel Hartline Designs 2 August 2012

BooLand Designs is having a FABULOUS sale for a very limited time that I just had to share with everyone! Take a look :

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Honeysuckle and Honeybees, plus a freebie!

by Jenn 23 July 2012
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When I was growing up, my parents had a beautiful backyard. There was a giant willow tree that my Dad hung a tire swing from, and later a hammock. There were rose bushes, marigolds, and a life-size play house that my Dad built for my brothers and I to play in. My mother had a peach […]

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4th July Coordinating Products are just $1.00

by tammy 5 July 2012
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I’m so proud to be an American and grateful for the many opportunities I have!  And so are TheStudio Deisgners, they have made coordinating products in honor of the 4th of July holiday and the fun celebrations that happen throughout the country. WOW, did TheStudio Designers out do themselves for the 4th of July!!!  There are  […]

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Booland Designs Retirement Bundles

by Toiny Westberry 29 June 2012
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Boo, Booland Designs, has amazing products in our store.  I’m constantly gobsmacked, as Boo likes to say, by the creative superpower she’s got hidden up her sleeve.  Each of these bundles is only $5.00.  That’s over 86% percent savings off their original prices!  Awesome deals. If you haven’t tried Boo’s work before, this is the […]

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