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Free with Purchase

Whether you are a designer or a scrapper, commercial use products are great tools! Designers can use them to add to their kits and collections, and scrappers can use them to fill in their layouts when a kit is missing that perfect element!  AND this week, if you spend just $5 you’ll get this fun pack from Flower Scraps Free!


Here is a sampling of some awesome CU stuff we have available at theStudio!







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Last weekend, we had a houseguest. It was rather unexpected, but not inconvenient. Our houseguest was family, and in our home, family is always welcome. Our houseguest only stayed one night, but upon leaving, he presented us with a gift: a certificate to the Portland Nursery as a way of saying thanks for the hospitality.

The gift was unnecessary of course, but we accepted it with gratitude. This past Saturday, after purchasing a huge variety of heirloom tomato starts (for just $1 each!) from my co-worker’s annual plant sale, we stopped by the nursery to use our certificate. We knew exactly what we wanted, too. A few weeks previous we had been at the nursery to purchase a crab apple tree (the one that now graces our front yard lawn). Dragging our wagon towards the front entrance checkout, we spotted a nice looking vine plant with a big sign that read: kiwis. Kiwis? Really?! We live in Oregon and we were astonished that this tropical-seeming fruit was being offered at our local nursery, a guarantee that yes, this will grow in your Oregon yard if you plant it.

My husband latched onto the idea of growing a kiwi vine right away, but with the crab apple tree purchase, we couldn’t justify it. Fast forward a few weeks and the gift certificate made it possible. We brought home one female vine and a male vine to accompany it. Yesterday, we had my husband’s family over for a lobster bake Mother’s Day party and everyone oooed and awed at our kiwi vines. I can’t wait until we are actually growing our own backyard kiwis!

Speaking of Mother’s Day, I hope you had a good one. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have plenty of new photos to scrap and you’ll need a kit to scrap them with. You may recall that a few weeks ago in my Monday blog post I mentioned a “bonus days” event being hosted by Snickerdoodle Designs. Through May 22nd, if you purchase one of the ‘kits of the week,’ you’ll get a bonus included with download. Last week,  Apple of my Eye and Hay Day were featured.

If you’ve been following along in the Wednesday Studio newsletters, you’ll know that there are a number of Mother’s Day appropriate kits that have been featured. One of my favorites was the Merry Month of May collection, featured April 17th. The hats and ribbons in this kit are so perfect for a Mother’s Day brunch, picnic, or tea layout, don’t you think?

Because I’m sure many of you have Mother’s Day photos to scrap, I decided to make this week’s freebie using the Merry Month of May collection. Just click on the image below to download. And be sure to watch for this week’s newsletter and find out which kits will be featured next!

***Download No Longer Available***


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If you’re at all familiar with my blog postings, you’ll know that I am forever working on my yard. One week I’m adding flowers, the next pulling weeds. This past weekend was no exception and I added two beautiful young trees to my yard.

Three years ago when my husband and I decided we wanted a puppy, we spent night after night on the internet reading through lists and looking at images of different dog breeds, considering which breed would be best for us and for our future family. When it came to choosing trees for our yard, our approach was the same; we scoured nursery websites and wiki articles reading about this tree or that. What color are the flowers, when does it bloom? Does it fruit? What sort of diseases is it resistant or susceptible to? Perhaps it’s a bit much, but we wanted our trees to be just right for us and for our yard.

We finally settled on crab apple trees, Malus Evereste for the front and Purple Prince for the back. Each of these trees will blossom in the spring and fruit in the fall, white and deep pink flowers, and yellow/orange and purple fruits, respectively. The trees are a bit scrawny now being that they are still young, but I am so looking forward to seeing them grow and take shape in my yard.

As I mold and shape my garden I wonder: what will next year bring? What new flowers, plants, and trees will we add, and how will they all grow together? To narrate my story, I turn to a delightful collection from Snickerdoodle Designs: Leaving Room. The collection includes garden staples like a shovel and glove, and some surprising elements like the garden angels who watch over the seeds you sow. This Wednesday, and every Wednesday through May 22nd, you’ll find two collections from Snickerdoodle Designs featured in theStudio newsletter, each with a little something extra included. This past Wednesday, Leaving Room and Flower Creek Lane were featured.

If you’re wondering how to get the “extra” bonus that is included with each kit, there’s no secret. Just add the kit to your cart for purchase and the bonus will be included with the download. Be sure to check theStudio newsletter each week to find out which two kits will be featured next.

For my part, I’ve put together a quickpage for you to download, so in addition to the bonus you’ll get with purchase, you can add this little bonus to your collection as well! Enjoy and happy Monday.

***Download No Longer Available***



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