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Retiring Products

Not clear on the hash tag thing?  You’re not alone.  I could get all geeky and complicated on you but that’s no fun.  There are posts all over the internet about hashtags.  I’m going to sum it all up right here.  Hash tags are a way to quickly sift through and find what you’re looking for on social media.  Hash tags started on Twitter where posts (tweets) are limited, but they spiraled out to Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ pretty quick.  Doing a hashtag search is like doing an internet search.  Sometimes you get a few things that aren’t really relevant but if you know the exact web address (or hashtag in this case) you’re going to find what you’re looking for without so much clutter.

Are you a newsletter subscriber?  You should be.  You can subscribe here.  Today theStudio newsletter announced Round Robin.  It’s new.  It’s super fun.  You can earn huge, insane discounts when you use hashtags to tag your pages on social media.  Be sure to use the requested hash tags but don’t go overboard.  Too many hash tags are considered spam.  More than 4 is counterproductive.

The Round Robin featured Artist this month is The Urban Fairy.  (hash tag #theurbanfairy)  You don’t have to use her hash tag to participate, but now you have her “official” hash tag so if you love her work, you can search for her on any of your social media and find her ASAP.  For this first Round Robin she has partnered with Valentina’s Creations (#valentinascreations) and the result is, well…pretty amazing.

Watch The Studio Hash Tags to keep up with our “official” hash tags.

Try searching for #theStudioRetiring.  You will find some great kits and layouts that have just moved into the Retiring Products category and are featured for a limited time at 75% off.  Don’t tarry.  You don’t want to miss these beauties.


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We are cleaning out the store to make room for new and amazing products! Be sure to swing by the Retiring Products Categories in both our Personal Use and Commercial Use stores! These products are on sale for 75% off and once they’re gone, they’re gone! Note: All retiring products will be gone March 31 – some sooner! So don’t miss out~ There are many deals under $1!

26FEB_megasThe Studio Newsletter Previews Template unnamed-3 unnamed-41604638_591926547554960_1257292994_n The Studio Newsletter Previews Template

unnamed-5 The Studio Newsletter Previews Template




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With the holidays just around the corner, I’ve got plenty on my mind, from gifts to decorations to menus. Planning holiday get-together menus is one of my all-time favorite things to do. Not only do I love the opportunity to prepare long-time family favorites like my mother’s cheese potatoes,  holidays are for me an opportunity to try out new recipes as well. From Betty Crocker to Martha Stewart, I enjoy browsing magazines, online sites, and recipe books to find unique and interesting recipes that I can try.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been intending to do 2 things come Christmas-season: 1) make a digital scrapbook style calendar to give away to family and friends as a Christmas gift and 2) make a recipe book of ‘the years favorite recipes’ to give to them as well. Sadly I must report, life being what it is, I have yet to do either.

The other day, I was in Lowes and stopped to browse the magazine section while my husband paid for our two bundles of dried cornstalks (for our fall yard display). Now bear with me, I know this is really starting to sound like I am telling snippets of several completely unrelated stories that stop short before I get to the ending; but alas, I am not. This is going somewhere, I promise. While browsing the magazine section, a Farmers Almanac calendar on an adjacent display caught my eye. It wasn’t your typical Almanac calendar, after all.

For each month of the year, this calendar included not only a photo, but a corresponding recipe as a suggestion to try (aha, now it’s starting to come together, right?). What a fantastic idea I thought! I can combine my two gift ideas and go from ‘I’ve done neither’ to ‘I’ve managed to do both in one!’ All I’ll have to do is take a recipe layout appropriate for each month (and I’ve done plenty of these already) and plop it on top of a center-fold calendar. Below is an example of what I mean, using my mother’s cheese potato recipe. For this layout, I used the Snow In Love collection from Snickerdoodle Designs:

Perfect for a December calendar month topper, don’t you think?

If you love this layout idea (and Snow In Love), then you’re sure to adore the other kits and collections Karen has in store for making simple recipe/calendar layouts with too (check out Hay Day, Balancing Act, and Cheez The One for November, April, and February for example). Ah, but there’s a catch. Two of these loveable collections, Snow In Love and Ginger Magic, are soon retiring. For a limited time, you can grab each kit and collection at 70% off in Snickerdoodle Designs‘ shop here at theStudio. 

For even more gift ideas, browse the full collections (Snow In Love, Ginger Magic) – you’ll find printable gift tags, word art, and more that would be perfect for crafting your other holiday gifts too!

If you do make a calendar topper, recipe layout, holiday card, or….we’d love to see it. Leave a comment here with a link to your gallery posting and share your ideas with us too!

As always, I’ve got a freebie for you made using Ginger Magic. Just click on the preview below to download. Happy Monday to you!

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