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Round Robin



Have you been participating in the Round Robin Challenges? Manu Scraps has been working hard, creating beautiful collabs with 4 different designers releasing each week in August. We are on week 3, and this week it’s a collab with WendyP Designs and it’s stunning!


Tuscan Summer features rich reds, yellows and greens mixed with a pop of blue to create a beautiful and rich summer kit. This entire collection is on sale, and if you use it to create a layout, you can earn discounts on next weeks Round Robin kit! It’s so fun! Be sure to play along in the forum.

The LO rules are simple:

What are the discounts:

The best news? These discounts are stackable. That means if you participate in all four Social Media venues, your final discount code will be anadditional 40% on the next Round Robin Collab. How much you save is up to you!

Get a little taste of Tuscan Summer with this lovely sampler that Manu and Wendy have put together for you! Just click to download and enjoy!


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We have a second round of Round Robin!  What is a Round Robin?
A Round Robin is One Month, One Designer, Four Collabs.

How do you come in, and more importantly, how can you save extra?
Answer: Create a LO!

The LO rules are simple:

What are the discounts:

The best news? These discounts are stackable. That means if you participate in all four Social Media venues, your final discount code will be an additional 40% on the next Round Robin Collab. How much you save is up to you!  Check in our Round Robin Forum for all the details.


As the weather begins to warm, the feet are itching to wander. No more armchair travel; you want to go places; any place will do, you just need to move and you need to move now. Whether it’s the destination or the journey, you know you’ll always have the memories that you’ve capture through your camera and can now scrap with Destination: Anywhere!!!

And here’s a little cluster freebie for you today, Enjoy!!!



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Not clear on the hash tag thing?  You’re not alone.  I could get all geeky and complicated on you but that’s no fun.  There are posts all over the internet about hashtags.  I’m going to sum it all up right here.  Hash tags are a way to quickly sift through and find what you’re looking for on social media.  Hash tags started on Twitter where posts (tweets) are limited, but they spiraled out to Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ pretty quick.  Doing a hashtag search is like doing an internet search.  Sometimes you get a few things that aren’t really relevant but if you know the exact web address (or hashtag in this case) you’re going to find what you’re looking for without so much clutter.

Are you a newsletter subscriber?  You should be.  You can subscribe here.  Today theStudio newsletter announced Round Robin.  It’s new.  It’s super fun.  You can earn huge, insane discounts when you use hashtags to tag your pages on social media.  Be sure to use the requested hash tags but don’t go overboard.  Too many hash tags are considered spam.  More than 4 is counterproductive.

The Round Robin featured Artist this month is The Urban Fairy.  (hash tag #theurbanfairy)  You don’t have to use her hash tag to participate, but now you have her “official” hash tag so if you love her work, you can search for her on any of your social media and find her ASAP.  For this first Round Robin she has partnered with Valentina’s Creations (#valentinascreations) and the result is, well…pretty amazing.

Watch The Studio Hash Tags to keep up with our “official” hash tags.

Try searching for #theStudioRetiring.  You will find some great kits and layouts that have just moved into the Retiring Products category and are featured for a limited time at 75% off.  Don’t tarry.  You don’t want to miss these beauties.


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