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Christmas Advent DAD

It’s time for our  Third Annual Advent Calendar! This is one of my favorite events at theStudio. It’s one of my favorite events at my house, and I love that my team has jumped in with both feet to gift all of you a 24-piece, gorgeous (really!) set of coordinating mini’s.

An Advent calendar is a special calendar used to count or celebrate the days in anticipation of Christmas. At theStudio we’ll be giving all of you a special, coordinating, mini from a different Designer every day: December 1 – 24.  Today’s beautiful mini comes to us courtsey of A-manda Creations.

And, especially for our blog readers, we have an extra mini brought to you by Nibbles Skribbles.

Just click to download & enjoy:

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Hey guys!!  Happy December!!  Can you believe it’s December already?!  It’s that time of the year when the weather gets a bit cooler, the decorations start to appear and there’s just a general air of happiness and excitement all around!  I know my kids are already starting to count down the days to “Santa” and I just love to watch that twinkle in their eyes when they cross off another day!

theStudio is completely in the spirit of all things Christmas!!  Starting today, our Advent Calendar Download-A-Day Event has begun!  Stop on by theStudio: PU every day from now until Christmas to grab some amazing little goodies to fill up your stockings!!  But, hurry!  Each download will only be available for 24hours, so make sure you come back every day to get your treats!  Today’s download is already up!  Go get ‘em!!  Merry Christmas everyone!!  :)

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It’s almost time!  Is there anyone, at least anyone with little ones in home, getting any sleep?  Real sleep?  The restful kind where, you know, you sleep?  Because it’s not me.   And, actually, it’s not just the little ones.  While I’ve found Tess, 9, digging in all sorts of unlikely places (and oddly skipping the real places) in a mad desire to prove that Santa is not real, I’ve also had the big boys up at crazy hours… including early in the morning when we all could be sleeping!

The imminent arrival of the man in the red suit has driven everyone in our house cuckoo for cocoa puffs.  I’m doing some mad last minute creating, organizing, and surprise-planning for theStudio as well.  Christmas is Christmas and should be celebrated with joy by everyone!  I plan to shut down my photoshop, maybe keep the email up a little, on Christmas.  For those of you taking a well-deserved “me time”, we’ll have a sale well worth shopping (and a little surprise) just on Christmas Day.

Don’t forget!  It’s not only two more days till Christmas… it’s two more days of free downloads at theStudio Advent Calendar (DAD)! 

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Advent Calendar (DAD) Day 8

by Toiny Westberry 8 December 2010

We’ve got another FANTASTIC little tidbit for you today.  Our DOTD is the Gold Rush Page Kit by BooLand Designs.  Boo took a sabbatical from theStudio to finish her studies and now she is back.  Back with a BANG! Gold Rush Page Kit is a must have in my book.  The gold, the sparkles are just screaming […]

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The Advent Calendar (DAD) is here! Introducing: eqrAvezuir with an Amazing Sampler!‏

by Toiny Westberry 1 December 2010

Merry Christmas all! Christmas is about many things to many people, for me it is about love, family and the spirit of giving.   One of my biggest blessings is the awesome group of women I work with.  Every single one of them has a heart of gold and a willingness to give way beyond the […]

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