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I hear you.  I hear all of the high fives going on along with the yelps and shouts of excitement.  They say it takes 30 days to make or break a habit but I’m pretty sure it only took me 2 purchases to literally throw caution to the wind and spend with abandon once I knew I could depend on that bright yellow banner to top the page and give me the friendly warning.  And then… it was gone.  No one told us it was gone.  It just failed to show up and I missed it terribly.  I realized how quickly I am spoiled by the little conveniences and how maddening it can be when they just vanish.  I know some of you really missed it too.  Tracy and I (The Studio Customer Service Team) get a chuckle every day when someone either needs an order reset or is requesting a “do over” because that sign didn’t show up at the top of the page to warn you that you already had that kit in your stash.

Good News!

The Warning Sign is back.  You can now shop in confidence that you won’t be duplicating a previous purchase.  Tracy and I can take a little breather too.  I was afraid it was going to take some arm twisting but it was just a matter of waiting on some critical coding to be completed.

The Apothecary Shoppe

The Apothecary Shoppe

Everything LOOKS the same and for most of us it’s business as usual but BEHIND the scenes an entire team is working on some critical tasks that are required for us to become VAT compliant along with speeding up the store so nothing slows you down or gets in your way when you see that kit or collection that makes you put your coffee down and reach for the mouse.  You know the one.  The “I’ve got to get that today! page kit for the photos I took last night!”

You can go back to shopping until your heart’s content, and we want you to shop too but there are a few other things you’ll have to police on your own.  We don’t want you to lose your products but it’s happened a few times lately.  This is a good month to nudge you to speed things along too.  I’m hearing “Get Organized, Organize my files or photos or all of the above.  Now is a great time to do just that.


We are always happy to reset your downloads if you lose a file or group of files but some of you Shop A Lot.  Some of you make Humongous purchases!  Sometimes these older orders don’t want to cooperate with us so we have to reset the products ONE file at a time.  If you have a big order, please allow us some extra time to take care of these.  We promise to get them to you as quickly as possible.  Be Aware though that when you purchase products from the Retiring Category in the Personal Use and Commercial Use store that those downloads need to make it to your computer quickly.  Once our items are retired, they are deleted from our server to make space for new products.  Once, they are gone from our servers, they are generally gone forever.  It pains me to see you lose your products if you have a hard drive problem but it’s even harder when you just didn’t get around to downloading and now they’re gone.


When my grand kids need to make a commitment and I want them to really remember I tell them to Raise Their Right Hand and repeat after me.  This can be as simple as I (state your name) promise to take my plate to the sink, or not tell on my sister again TODAY.  This works with husbands too although not nearly as well and certainly not with all as much humor.  Today.  This day.  I want you to raise your right hand and promise to download all of your digital files within 24 hours of purchasing them.  You don’t have to cross your heart or offer up small children.  I trust you.  Then, go ahead an unzip them.  Make sure you got what you paid for and everything unzips properly.  99.9% of the time everything is ok.  That final 1% is what could ruin your day if you hold out the perfect kit for the perfect photos and when you finally find the time to scrap your page something is wrong and those files are gone forever.  It is such a drag and Tracy and I cry big crocodile tears when it happens.  Don’t let it be you.

If you do have a problem, we’re here with ALMOST round the clock coverage.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Now go shop and watch for the yellow banner.  Both Retiring Categories are on for the month of January.  There will be new products popping in for the next few days.  You’ll get them all at 75% off.  Combine these with that Amazing Morning Mist Collection for just $1 each AND with the new Round Robin by Carin Grobe Design and ADBDesigns and you’ll be able to fill your cart in no time at a massive savings.





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This week I planned to delve a little more into some of the options available to us when we use Photoshop Styles.  But I’ve become sidetracked by two adorable handmade gifts that I must share with you today!

We’ll get back to Styles next week!

Have you visited the “Hybrid & Printables” or “Cutting Files” Categories at theStudio?  You will find wonderful ideas there for all different kinds of  hands-on projects!  I think it’s great to be able to use items in our digi-stash in more ways than on a scrapbook page.

Today I am excited to share with you two projects that I hope you will find useful and just plain fun!


msbrad sent me this photo of her grandson, David, wearing a shirt that she designed, using Lil T.O.T.’s.


I love that msbrad was able to create a special and unique shirt for her grandson, using her digital supplies!  Here is how she did it:

“I bought transfer paper at my local office supply store. I created the design, then merged the layers . Then, just using the regular printer that I have at home,  I printed the design on the transfer paper, and ironed it on the t-shirt.  That’s all there is to it!”

I was so taken by this great idea, that I asked msbrad if she would mind sharing her creation with you.  She graciously agreed.  You may download her Lil T.O.T.’s pre-designed cluster ***Download No Longer Available***or by clicking on the image below.  Pick up some transfer paper and a t-shirt, print, iron, and you’ve got a great gift in minutes! (Use this cluster on your scrapbook pages too!)

happy fall y'all 2013 copy


Did you follow the Layout Artist Competition here at theStudio last month?  Patricia (patriciabb) was one of the contestants, and I am delighted to have her on my Creative Team. If Patricia’s work is new to you, you can view her gallery here.

Patricia created an adorable “Bottle Wrap”, using Lil T.O.T.’s, as well as a scrapbook page about it.  (And now you know where I got the title for this blog post!)


I can just envision Bottle Wraps for all seasons!  Or how about birthday gifts, friendship gifts, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts?  The possibilities are truly endless!

Patricia has shared her creation instructions with me, and I have created a PDF file for you to download with those instructions. Just click on the link below!

How to Create Bottle Wraps

I would love to see any Bottle Wraps that you come up with!  Create,  photograph, and post in your gallery here at theStudio!

If you want to create your Halloween design, whether for a t-shirt, bottle wrap, or scrapbook page, I put Lil’ T.O.T.’s on sale for you!  You can check out the kit and all of the extra goodies in my store, SnickerdoodleDesigns, and that of my collab partner, KimberKatt Scraps!



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Perhaps your looking for the perfect alpha, but want to find one by your favorite designer. Maybe you’ve been checking out the gorgeous Bohemian Fall products, and want to see what a specific designer has created. Quick filters are your friends!

At the top of any category, you can easily sort by Designer! This makes it quick and easy to find just what you need! And now you know! Happy Shopping!


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