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Tools for Commercial Use- Designer Productivity Action Set 1

Tools for Commercial Use- Designer Productivity Action Set 1


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Save your precious design time and let these actions do the work for you!
Using this set of 4 separate Designer Productivity actions and their accompanying tutorials you will be able to:
*Trim empty blank space from around your elements saving you and your customers precious hard drive space!
* Remove 'stray pixels' !
* Smooth jagged edges !
* Convert elements to grayscale !
There are even visual tutorials showing you how to perfom these actions on ENTIRE FOLDERS AT A TIME!! What a time saver! And perfect for assisting with Quality Control issues! Get back to what you love, actually DESIGNING, without compromising in product quality, with this amazing action set!

This product includes the following:
1 Stray Pixel action and its companion Tutorial
1 Grayscale Action and its companion Tutorial
1 Trimming Action for removing excess empty space around elements
1 Smooth and Trim action set (contains 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Large to help you deal with any jagged edges and even cleaning stray pixels!
1 Stray Pixel Check Style (.asl file)
1 Loading Actions Tutorial
1 Loading Styles Tutorial
1 Quick Item Review and Repair Tutorial
Has been tested on windows versions of PS7 and PSCS3

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