View Full Version : Misty Morning Collection 40% off and Freebies

10-20-2012, 09:04 PM
We had so much fun with a name this swatch contest but once I had the name it was sooo easy to make this kit. I made an Add-On (http://bit.ly/WSFIqI) that we gave away to everyone who participated and decided to offer it for sale too.

Everything is 40% off for 2 weeks AND there are freebies on my blog and Facebook page to match. :((

http://boolanddesigns.com/BooLandNews/pre/bld_mistymorning_pagekit.jpg (http://bit.ly/TAkOrk)
http://boolanddesigns.com/BooLandNews/pre/bld_mistymorning_bundle.jpg (http://bit.ly/ReEzpV)
http://boolanddesigns.com/BooLandNews/pre/bld_mistymorning_addon.jpg (http://bit.ly/WSFIqI)