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A-Manda Creation
01-15-2013, 02:31 PM
So the first thing that popped into my mind for a "challenge" using the 5000 facebook fan freebie was to make a layout that WASN'T winter themed! I personally always love seeing kits used for other reasons than what they were made for. When a kit is used in an out of the box way it shows us all new and different things we can do with the same kit over and over again. Then you can apply that to other kits in your digi stash! It makes you look at all kits differently, and helps you realize that the kits in your supply can be used in all sorts of new ways! So what a better way to challenge yourself than to take a winter themed kit and make a non winter layout with it!

I will pick 1 winner to receive the January Mega Winter Ice next Wednesday! So be sure you have your page loaded into the gallery and also here in this thread so I can see them!!

Here is the link to the special gallery for these special challenges: http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/g1504-mini-lo-contestjanuary-2013.html

And just so you don't think I am too mean with my challenge, I will also make a non winter layout using the 5000 fan freebie kit too!!

Have fun! I can't wait to see you think out of the box!

01-15-2013, 04:18 PM
I like those jobs and do often pages with seasonal kits for "other projects". So here is my result of "non-winter" with that wonderful give-away. Thanks there for:

http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/data/500/jtb_playtime04-Kopie.jpg (http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/member-galleries/p116876-dartsin-8-20123b.html)#

P.S: I only load it in my member gallery because I didnīt found a special challenge area...hopte itīs ok in this way

A-Manda Creation
01-15-2013, 04:48 PM
Fabulous!! Wow you are fast too :) Thanks for playing along! I think there is now a gallery for these special challenges...but personal is ok too :)

01-15-2013, 08:39 PM
Even though it non winter, I used lots of snowflakes :)

posted HERE (http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/data/500/layla_littlemonster_halloween12.jpg)

Thanks for the wonderful challenge :)

A-Manda Creation
01-15-2013, 08:43 PM
Adorable little monster!! Great page, thanks for joining in!

01-16-2013, 08:52 AM
Here is mine... Lovely mini-kit...

http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/data/1504/faith_hope_.jpg (http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/mini-lo-contestjanuary-2013/p116961-faith.html)

A-Manda Creation
01-16-2013, 09:04 AM
Wow!! Amazing! I love that photo and the soft edges!

01-16-2013, 11:05 AM
my page:
http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/data/1504/thumbs/vacationing11.jpg (http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/mini-lo-contestjanuary-2013/p117005-vacationing11.html)

A-Manda Creation
01-16-2013, 11:13 AM
Wow another amazing layout!! I love that you took the winter kit and made a beach layout with it! Amazing!

01-16-2013, 01:29 PM
Love the mini, thank you. Here is mine!

Gallery (http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/mini-lo-contestjanuary-2013/p117042-priceless-kind-of-love.html)


A-Manda Creation
01-16-2013, 01:42 PM

Elk Fan
01-16-2013, 10:10 PM

A-Manda Creation
01-16-2013, 10:13 PM
Another awesome one :)

01-16-2013, 10:38 PM
I could not find if there was a special gallery for this challenge, so I just put it in the member gallery. I hope this is ok.

A-Manda Creation
01-16-2013, 10:40 PM
Very pretty :) I think there is a gallery, I will see if I can find the link

01-16-2013, 10:52 PM
I am SO not the winter person ... so this sounds fun ... I'll definitely be back with a layout!!!

A-Manda Creation
01-16-2013, 10:54 PM
Here is the link to the gallery :) http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/g1504-mini-lo-contestjanuary-2013.html

01-16-2013, 11:32 PM
Love thinking out of the box!
Great Challenge Amanda

http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/data/1504/Love_is_a_flower.jpg (http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/mini-lo-contestjanuary-2013/p117158-love-is-a-flower.html)

01-17-2013, 10:39 AM
My non-winter layout.

Jean Ann
01-17-2013, 11:51 AM
Here's mine


01-17-2013, 12:09 PM
Thanks for the challenge! My Non-winter theme for my page is <3love<3 (I know Valentine's is in winter, but I think this could still count!)

<img src="http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/data/1504/Love-layout-Kittenjen-web.jpg" />

01-17-2013, 12:32 PM
This is the link (http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/mini-lo-contestjanuary-2013/p117217-mini-lo-contestjanuary-2013.html) to the gallery. This kit is wonderful to work with and it definitely has lots off different possibilities! Thanks for the challenge.


01-17-2013, 02:24 PM
Hi, I managed to get the LO in the right gallery, but I thought I had linked it back here, but I could not find it, so I will link again.... sorry for the mix up

01-17-2013, 11:07 PM
Thank you for hosting Amanda. Love the mini collab!!

http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/data/1457/DSS-January-2013-Non-Winter-Layout-Challenge-000-Page-1.jpg (http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/studio-challenges/p117296-january-2013-non-winter-layout-challenge.html)

01-18-2013, 06:12 AM
Here's mine:

http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/data/1504/Baby_s_Breath_3_copy.jpg (http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/mini-lo-contestjanuary-2013/p117323-non-winter-layout.html)

01-18-2013, 09:11 AM
Awesome, there may be three inches of snow outside my window right now but I'm feeling positively balmy with all these fantastic non-winter layouts. Gorgeous work girls

01-19-2013, 06:32 PM
Unfortunately, this was NOT taken during winter ... but at least it almost got up to 60F today ...

<img src="http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/data/1504/well_iced.jpg" /> (http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/mini-lo-contestjanuary-2013/p117542-well-iced.html)

01-21-2013, 12:53 AM
Title page of my mini album. Fabulous kit, great challenges. Thank you every one!

http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/data/1504/medium/Mini_LO_130115-22-001.jpg (http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/mini-lo-contestjanuary-2013/p117658-esquimalt-lagoon-june-2012.html)

01-21-2013, 12:09 PM
here's my darling kids:
http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/data/1504/fairytale_600.jpg (http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/mini-lo-contestjanuary-2013/p117679-i-27m-in-love-with-a-fairytale.html)
image is linked

01-21-2013, 03:20 PM
My non winter layout, such a fun challenge!!

http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/data/1504/lieve-duncan_280507.jpg (http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/data/1504/lieve-duncan_280507.jpg)

01-21-2013, 05:57 PM
http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/data/500/in_loving_memory1.jpg" />

01-21-2013, 06:02 PM
I will try this again

01-21-2013, 08:18 PM
The scrapbook pages paper was perfect for my heritage layout:
http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/data/1504/Ritchie-Littrell.jpg (http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/mini-lo-contestjanuary-2013/p117714-noah26amp-3b-edna.html)

01-21-2013, 11:55 PM
The longer I looked at the first layout the more I hated it. Here is a remake. I will try to remove the other one.

01-22-2013, 12:54 AM
Here is mine for the Non winter layout.

http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/data/1504/Angel_In_Heaven.jpg (http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/mini-lo-contestjanuary-2013/p117725-angel-in-heaven.html)

A-Manda Creation
01-22-2013, 08:49 AM
Wow! There are so many awesome layouts! It's going to be so hard to pick a winner!!!

01-22-2013, 03:18 PM

01-22-2013, 03:22 PM

01-22-2013, 11:03 PM
http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/data/1504/449.jpg (http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/mini-lo-contestjanuary-2013/p117765-summertime-blues.html)

01-23-2013, 02:40 AM
Sorry so late.....I thought I had another day...lol.

A-Manda Creation
01-23-2013, 08:54 AM
Thank you all for participating in this fun challenge! I absolutely loved seeing all of these pages made with a winter kit in a non winter way! Very creative and great thinking outside of the box! It as so tough to pick a winner. The winner for this challenge is


Congratulations! Honorable mention goes to DSSDiane and lmtroch

Thank you again everyone Beautiful work!

01-23-2013, 11:18 AM
Congratulations, aadesigns and thanks Amanda for the free goodies and an honourable mention! That was fun!

01-23-2013, 01:50 PM
Congratulations aadesigns!! Congratulations Imtroch for the honorable mention! Thank you Amanda for the honorable mention and for being part of an awesome collab.

01-24-2013, 09:41 AM
Here's mine:

Gallery link: http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/mini-lo-contestjanuary-2013/p117860-scrapbook.html

01-24-2013, 09:48 AM
I just saw the schedule! I missed the deadline again! LOL! I loved working on the mini anyway :)

01-25-2013, 02:36 AM
Really enjoyed this challenge!!!

02-02-2013, 10:24 PM
Hi everyone,
I know this challenge is over and has been for a while but I still wanted to make my page.. don't want any thing for it just want to share !!! Here is my take on the NON Winter layout :
Our Mother (http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/gallery/mini-lo-contestjanuary-2013/p118506-our-mother.html)


A-Manda Creation
02-03-2013, 01:59 PM
a beautiful page! Than you for participating just for fun :)