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02-01-2013, 07:03 PM
Now that I have your attention! Check out these new awesome template from Two Moose Designs! Featuring hearts in various forms, these templates are great for Valentines layouts, or layouts about anything (or anyone) you love!

https://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/store/images/TMDs_MMHeartAttack.jpg (https://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=13_405&products_id=18663&zenid=491d3a2e887a884fda4bf6a5d6ac59b8)

You can snag them in our store here (https://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=13_405&zenid=491d3a2e887a884fda4bf6a5d6ac59b8)! 40% off through February 16!

02-02-2013, 01:48 AM
Manda, you almost gave me a heart attack with your post, lol. It's still early morning here (no coffee yet ;)) and I saw the title and didn't realize this wasn't in the designer area in the forum - I better get that coffee before I do anything else, ROFL.

Awesome templates - I think I'l have to add them to my stash ;)<3

02-02-2013, 04:27 AM
You bad girl!!!

I adore your templates though :0)

02-02-2013, 09:02 AM
Gosh, I almost had a heart attack! Great templates though!

02-02-2013, 10:57 AM
YES that was a real good EYE CATCHING title.. freaked me out !!!!! Cute templates.. ;-)

02-02-2013, 11:03 AM
bahahahaha..... Manda the trickster! lol That was definitely a great way to catch my attention!! I love your templates, these are awesome! :))

02-02-2013, 01:01 PM
You definitely got my attention ... and those are adorable templates!!!

02-02-2013, 01:14 PM
I LOVE this site!!! Never a dull moment!!! :o)

02-02-2013, 01:32 PM
Sorry to have scared anyone. I debated for a minute over using that as the title or not, and decided to go for it! I think you all have good enough senses of humor to let me off the hook for scaring you, plus, now you've seen these adorable templates that are a MUST have right? Right. So, it worked! Happy Groundhogs Day!