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07-22-2013, 06:03 PM
Seems I messed up and submitted last week's CU AD to this week's Newsletter ... so
I decided to put the correct one here and show you all my new "stuff."

https://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/images/jilbert/jilbert_201307122_cu-ad.jpg (http://bit.ly/ZKGoxs)

Starting with the top row, I've released two new Texture Overlay Packs - Rice Paper 1 (http://bit.ly/1ar1XK6) and Rice Paper 2 (http://bit.ly/1ar1XK6).
The cool thing about these overlays is how easy they are to use, especially on light color
papers. Just dump them in on top of all the layers and set the blend mode to Multiply. Most
of the time, that's it unless you want to change the opacity and the rarely mess with the colors
you worked so hard on.

The second batch of Texture Overlays (bottom row) contains Cardboard 3 (http://bit.ly/15LB02J) and Cardboard 4 (http://bit.ly/12Zxcpf)
... siblings of Cardboard 1 and 2. What I'm not showing in the AD is that I've also created a
Cardboard Bundle (Cardboard Vol. 1 (http://bit.ly/15XKrw5)) which is priced at $9.00 -- 44% less than what it would
cost you if you bought them separately.

In the middle is my newest brushes pack - Watercolor Splashes 4 (http://bit.ly/18p3L5G) - 9 more brushes that
compliment the first 3 packs. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE (just had to say that). I've also created a
Brushes Bundle - Watercolor Splashes Vol. 1 (http://bit.ly/15RMNwz) containing all for splashes
packs and priced it at $9.00. Once again, you're saving 44% off the full price of all 4 packs.

Rather than bending your ears (eyes??) any further, there's a lot more to see in my CU Store (http://bit.ly/ZKGoxs),
so definitely stop by, do some browsing and take advantage of my sales and bundles.

07-22-2013, 07:10 PM
You have some very nice new stuff Jill! All of these would be a great additions to one's stash!