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03-16-2008, 07:20 PM
hi all.

i really have to tell what has happened this week,
i almost can't believe.
we're having a lot of problems at work with our boss, and it's not only me, but all the women working with me and since all of them are crying too often and complainig and squealing all the time, we decided that it is time for a change. time to fight for our rights and so one of the women and i started to contact the laborunion(right word?) to get some help. we fixed a lot of appointments with the labor union representative to collect all the informations we need, how to install a employee representative after having enough informations we organized verything for a conference to elect the employee representative.
we talked with each of the women and they all wanted us to do it.
it was a big risk for us, because we where in danger that our boss would terminate our jobs if he gets to know who was organizing.
so we all came together to elect and all they had to do was to vote for their candidate, but from one moment to the next they all said oh i'm not sure we need it, let's wait some more time and they left us standing in the rain, knowing what we have have done for them and what risk it is for us 2.
i still can't believe it, i'm so so disappointed, frustrated, sad and hurt, i just can't tell you how much.
now i really have to fear for my job.
how can someone be such a coward???
do they really think that there will be a change if they do nothing???

normally that would be enough for one week,
but that's not all
i hav a lot of problems with my gastro-intestinal system for a long time,
no doctor was able to help me and sometimes i thought they think i just sham to be ill. but i kept on going to my doc telling him that there is something wrong.
finally he sent me to a specialist and because he couldn't find something with a colonoscopy he started testing me for food allergy.
on friday i had the first test, it was for lactose and it was a 100% positive.
it was very hard, i had cramps and all the other problems all day and most time of saturday.
now i have to change all my cooking and eating,
but i so love to drink milk and kakao, i love cheese and yoghourt and all the milk-products and i may never eat them again, and apart from that a lot of other food,
you can't image in what kind of food they use lactose, even in french fries or sausage, bread, and and and......

so that was my week
and now i really feel a little lost and helpless
and in need for some hugs.
i hope it was not too bad to reed this lamentation
but i really had to talk about it


03-16-2008, 08:57 PM
Oh, nighty, you really did have a bummer of a week. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your job situation gets better.

My grandkids have had a lactose intolerance and there's a medication called Lactaid that they can take that allows them to eat dairy products. Maybe you could take that.

Good luck. I'll keep you in my prayers.

03-16-2008, 09:26 PM
Oh, Nighty! {{{{{{{{Lots of HUGS}}}}}}}} I'm so sorry you had such an awful week. People are a little crazy, aren't they? I remember when my brother's workplace was trying to organize in the union, it took 8 or 10 tries to actually get it done because people kept backing out at the last minute, just like your co-workers. It's frustrating and depressing, I know.

Take heart, dear. *You* know you're doing the right thing. Hopefully, they'll all come around before long.

03-17-2008, 02:43 AM
I'm so sorry this is happening to you, nighty. My husband and I have both had our shares of job turmoil and I know how frustrating it can be to try to make a change. Most people inherently don't like change, even if it's for the better, so that's why you are fighting an uphill battle at work. I hope things improve for you there.

As for the lactose intolerance, like sharpli said, there is medication you can take that may allow you to eat certain dairy products. My mother is lactose intolerant and my husband is as well, but both still eat ice cream and other foods containing milk. The key is to watch the portions and the meds help, too. It really depends on how severe your allergy is, though. I've read that cutting out dairy and then gradually increasing it will get your body accustomed to eating it on a regular basis. But a nutritionist would be able to help.

Hope everything works out for you.

Beckie Wallace Designs
03-17-2008, 07:24 AM
Sending you lots of cyberhugs and positive vibes ... and hoping this week is 100% better for you!!!

03-17-2008, 07:50 AM
Oh nighty, you have had a horrible week! I hope things don't get worse for you at your job now.

I was going to suggest Lactaid too. Maybe that will allow you to eat dairy within moderation. Also, a lot people who are lactose intolerant, can still eat yogurt in moderation. Something about the process used to make it changes it so it's not as hard to digest.

I hope things get better soon!

03-17-2008, 08:05 AM
Sending you big hugs and lots of good mojo!

03-17-2008, 10:44 AM
Oh sweetie, sorry you're having such a tough time! Hope the work situation improves soon.

As for changing your eating patterns, that can be so tough! I know from my own experience. I have liver problems so now I try to eliminate all dairy, processed foods, fatty foods, carbonated drinks (including diet, which I used to drink diet sodas)... you get the idea. You can try to look for substitutions when possible. For example, instead of ice cream try sorbet. Know what I mean? It's hard, but you can do it. :)

Take care!

03-17-2008, 02:26 PM
thank you all for your hugs, wishes and good tips.
i searched the web for more information about lactase-products
and found a german forum, where they have tested all of the products they could get.
it seems as if there are only a few form german producer
and a lot more from american firms.
and the american products have much better results,
so i called the pharmacy the pharmacy this afternoon and had a big surprise,
they don't have even 1 product in stock, but they can order them, only the german products.
it's absolutely no common use of lactase additions here.
so i found some hints in the forum that it's possible to order lactaid fast act and dairy care (which seems to be the very best) right from the frims in USA, but most of them don't receive them because the german costums keep them and don't let them come in, it's not allowed to import it.
and the german products are much more expensive.
a german product that is not as good as the american one cost 17,50 euro which is 27,59 USD while the same portion of dairy care costs $15.95 which is 10,15euro.
i thought i live in one of the leading industrial countries of europe, what an error,
today i found out that we are far behind.
i was told that lactose intolerance is an american fashion and no problem here.
we don't need lactaid here (did we really need McDonalds???)
can you belive that??
how ignorant, is it better to have cramps and diarrhea??

so i have to try to contact my aunt in oklahoma to send some dairy care to try and if that works i have to find an easier way to get it.
i also found out that there is a productline called Minus-L with milk and butter and things, much more expensive than the normal things, but available in bigger stores.

that is how far i came today.
thank you all once again for listening
and if you have some more good tips,
let me know


03-17-2008, 04:30 PM
Hugs Nighty,doesn't sound like you will be feeling down very long. You already got action plans to deal with the lactose intolerence.:) Grass isn't going to grow between your toes! Soon with some time,experimentation and
adjustment you will be coping just fine. I'm positive cause you sound like a fighter-one not to give up. Fighting for the rights of you & your fellow employees was a noble thing to do.Getting some advise from a union was clever.Trying to start a union is one tuff job in todays environmrnt.