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Image hosting websites

There are in the Internet a number of websites that dedicated themselves either exclusively or in part to host pictures uploaded to them. Most of them will accept JPG formats and some of them will accept a variety of other picture formats.

This tutorial and list is intended as a guide to find one image hosting website that will help you share pictures and use them when navigating through the Internet.

ImageShack http://img286.imageshack.us/

You can access the services of this website without having to register but if you lose the code or URL to your image you will lose the image. You can register for free in this website and that way you will be sent an email where you will find the link to your account. There is no need of password or login you just need to keep safely that link in order to access your free account (you can simply save it in your browser's Favourite folder). These are the file types accepted by the website: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tif, tiff, swf, and the files can be up to 1.5 Megabytes in size.

You can upload pictures from your computer and from a website, and you can upload small videos in swf format to the website as well.

The services are free and they have a series of tools that can help you to upload and download your pictures.

Photobucket http://photobucket.com/

Photobucket.com is a free image hosting, video hosting and photo sharing service for users who want to host pictures and videos. In order to access the services in this website you will need to register and you will get a login and a password. This website allows the storage of photos and videos. The limits in this website are the following 1 GB of storage in overall and 25 GB of bandwidth every month. You can create folders or albums to organise your photos and search other user’s public albums. They accept a great variety of pictures formats: jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, and also video ones. You can also upload small videos of up to 5 minutes.

This website offers as well a variety of photographic printing services as well as other photo products.

ESnips http://www.esnips.com/

This website allows the storage of files, music, photos, links and videos and it has an overall limit of 5 Gb. You will find 5 folders named in the following manner:

Business files
Other stuff
Web research
Home videos
Photos Your can create more folders according to your needs. Your files can be private, shared with a group of people or completely public. You can upload photos, videos and Zip and Rar files. The limits are as follows up to 100 Mb size in the allowed files and Zip and Rar can be up to 50 Mb size. It has also community like style and they have also a series of tools to help in the process of uploading to the website.

PictureTrail http://www.picturetrail.com/

You have a period of month were you are limited in your storage. After it, it seems there is no limit to your uploads. You can only upload graphics files in the jpg, gif or bmp formats (but they don't yet support gif animations) and they have a Beta version of an editor which can be downloaded
They also have other services as photo printing services and slide shows with your photos.

Flickr http://www.flickr.com/

It is part of Yahoo and you can use your Yahoo Id in order to access to your account. You have an bandwidth limit of 100Mb every month, only your last 200 photos will show in the web and your account will be deleted if your account is inactive for more than 90 consecutive days. The limits in the free version are uploading photos up to 5 Mb in size. Flickr officially supports JPEGs, non-animated GIFs, and PNGs. You can also upload TIFFs and some other file types, but they will automatically be converted to and stored in JPEG format. In the free version the images will be resized to several sizes and you have the chance of choosing those sizes. The images can be shared with friends and relatives or on the web, but in the free version you won’t be able to access the original photo uploaded for download with a good quality. That feature is only available to paying customers.

Webshots http://www.webshots.com/

Webshots works in a similar manner as Flickr. You can create albums and share them with friends and in general. You can also visit other people albums and see both their photos and videos. You can upload 1000 photos initially and 100 more for each month you are a member and the accepted files are JPG, JPEG, and PNG. You can also upload videos and the limits are 100 videos when you become a member and 10 more for each month of membership to the website. The accepted files in this case are ASF, AVI, FLV, MOV, MPG, MPEG , MP4, QT, RM, WFV, 3GP. They recommend uploading 2400x2400 high resolution images for good results as you can print your photos and get other products with them.

Shutterfly http://www.shutterfly.com/index.jsp

Similar to the previous two. You can access printing services in various forms as well as share your photos with friends and relatives.

Snapfish http://www.snapfish.com/

Quite similar to Shutterfly and offering very similar products as the previous one.

If your interest is in having an account to use your photos or images in blogs (Blogger does not support animations), forums as ours (Stone Accents Studio) and websites ImageShack® - Hosting (http://img286.imageshack.us/), Free Image and Video Hosting - Photo Image Hosting Site : Photobucket.com (http://photobucket.com/), PictureTrail: Online Photo Sharing, Image Hosting, Online Photo Albums (http://www.picturetrail.com/) and other websites as Supload.com - Free Image Hosting, Free Audio Hosting, Free Music Hosting, Free Video Hosting, Free Movie Hosting (http://www.supload.com/) are going to be the best as they provide you with URLS to the photos as well as HTML code for blogger or website purposes so you don’t need to care about using the right tags.

If what you want is create a gallery for friends or relatives to see your photos or videos and download those photos or products with those photos, then Webshots - Photo Sharing, Free Wallpaper and Free Screensavers (http://www.webshots.com/), Shutterfly | Develop, Print & Share Digital Photos: Create Photo Gifts Online (http://www.shutterfly.com/index.jsp), Snapfish (http://www.snapfish.com/), Esnips (http://www.esnips.com/), Welcome to Flickr! (http://www.flickr.com/) and Free Image and Video Hosting - Photo Image Hosting Site : Photobucket.com (http://photobucket.com/) would be the best choices as you get the gallery facility and the chance to download high resolution photos as well as ordering prints or products.

If want you want is to use blinkies in your signature or include images in your forum posts, having an account with them uploaded will simplify and give you a complete control over them, as well as allow you to have animated signatures in your signatures.

Please share your experiences about this issue, and do not hesitate in making questions about this subject.

Also add any other website of this kind that might be of help for the rest in the Forum.


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This is really good information, thanks for sharing it with us.:):)

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Wow! I've never heard of most of those! Thanks for the share!!

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Wow what a thorough description of these different choices, thank you very muchly!

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I have been using MediaFire and so far have been very pleased. I think it might be new but not sure.


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Thanks for the info...I have always used Photobucket but the list is good to have just incase..