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06-15-2008, 04:29 PM
Welcome to another round of our ABC challenge!!!

For the next two weeks we will be scrapping with the letter P, which some of you received as the posting bonus in a previous challenge. Anyone who completes this week's challenge, will automatically receive the "R" from my Ephemera Alpha (http://stoneaccentsstudio.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=13_14&products_id=739) as their posting bonus. If you'd like to purchase the alpha rather than wait for a new piece each week you can do so HERE (http://stoneaccentsstudio.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=13_14&products_id=739).

Our goal is to have an entire Alphabet Album completed with each letter, in the theme of your choice. You may use the letter from the Ephemera kit, make your own, or use one from another designer/kit (just be sure to credit!!). Have fun and think of creative ways to showcase a word that begins with the letter P. Post your layouts in this gallery (http://www.stoneaccentsstudio.com/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=551) and make a post in this thread so we can see your gorgeous layouts!!! If you need inspiration, just look in the ABC gallery and you'll find it.

Happy Scrapping ladies!!

06-19-2008, 03:34 PM
Here is my LO for P.


06-19-2008, 05:51 PM
Here is my LO for P.


Wow Berny, great LO. I think it's awesome that you grow your own pineapples! I've never seen them in their natural state (I live in New England), only in the grocery store, LOL. I'm curious, how many pineapples do you get from one plant/tree? Also, do you have more than one plant/tree? So, so cool.

06-20-2008, 01:10 PM
Here's mine:

P is for Portrait (http://www.stoneaccentsstudio.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=16300&limit=recent)

06-20-2008, 03:32 PM

06-27-2008, 01:40 PM
Well, I thought and thought hard about the letter 'P' and tried to figure out what I would want the word to be for use in my ABC album and then, after I created a LO using Terrell Sanzone's Fairytales Set 1 kit, I realized I had a letter 'P' page!

Here's my 'P' page (in Terrell's designer gallery):
A Pumpkin is Born (http://www.stoneaccentsstudio.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=16769)