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10-16-2008, 12:23 PM
I am new here and to the world of digital! I have to say that the talent I have seen displayed here blows my mind!!! While I still scrap off line I am quite excited by the thought of digital. My first experience with it was this month with www.smilebox.com

I am so impressed with the talent here and find myself very inspired by all the colors and styles. So this leads me to what I need some help with. I am in the process of designing my craft room. I have been bopping back and forth between combos of bright colors but seeing all the papers here I think I am leaning towards more of a ....hmm...grunge look. So when I close my eyes I can see like a turquise color that has been antiqued or dirtied up and some of the swirls (fleur de fleur?) I see in some of the samples here...in a sort of a white wash. Now I don't know what else. I was thinking if I did that on my ceiling I could even add a glitter skull...LOL...weird I know but the kids would love it. Though I like daisies as well...but do not know if that would fit in with it. Am willing to add other colors to other walls. So what I am looking for is maybe a sample page I can sort of copy onto my walls and ceilings if anyone is willing to play with my idea or some links to some kits that have embellishments or QP's that would get my imagination going. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for all the help and keep up the great work...you really are all soooo talented!