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07-30-2009, 06:15 AM
ok, I;v got a cs3 trial as i wanted to see what these "styles" do. So i;m playing with it, wanted to know if you apply a style to the whole shape or if it's layered, you do it to each layer? Also i noticed that the colour also change slightly when you apply a style, so if you are following a swatch then will it be ok if it's slightly lighter as i'm not applying it to all the elements.Thank you!!

2nd qs: In PSP, does anyone know if there is something similar like styles? I mean how would you apply a texture to the elements? I just want the elements to look different instead of just flat? Ty again!

07-30-2009, 11:11 AM
Hey Naz...

No help on the PSP, but on the styles... the color won't always change. It really depends on the style. The settings for "inner glow", "inner shadow", "pattern overlay", "color overlay" and "bevel & emboss" can change the color. Sometimes drastically. Go into the style itself & take a look at each setting and turn it off/on to see what it does and how it affects your elements. Then move the sliders around & change some of the settings to see how that affects your style.

The color being slightly different isn't a big deal just be sure the colors are "good" to begin with. There's a big post on DST (in the DST Conference Center) with helpful hints. The biggest help to me was one by Atomic Cupcake on color, monitors & calibrating. Make sure your monitor is calibrated and the colors you see are accurate. Not sure if you can read this:

But if you can't take a look at how to calibrate your monitor. I try to do mine monthly.

As for applying the style to each layer. It depends. If it's a layered tag, then yes. I'll normally apply the style to each layer. I might change the settings slightly on the top layers to give it a little more realistic perspective, especially with drop shadows. Just because you have a style someone else Designed doesn't mean can't change it up a little.

I hope that helps a little.


07-30-2009, 12:36 PM
That is such a big help Toiny! thank you SO much!! and no i can't read the dst post. But i'll do some searching. I have played a bit with my psp and have been able to apply some lovely textures to the elements i'm working on. I'll post it up in a mo so you may have a look.

07-31-2009, 11:31 AM
Hey Naz,
Not sure if this will help but I use PSP 8 and to apply a texture effect to an element for example I just click Effects in the top toolbar then click on Texture Effects in the dropdown, then texture in the next dropdown menu and you can choose from a variety of textures to apply. You can change up the size of the texture, smoothness, depth, shininess, ambience and color of the texture.
Happy Scrapping!

07-31-2009, 11:39 AM
Yep, i know how to do that, ty darlingina, i was sort of wondering if there was something we could use tgo achieve same effects as in PS. I played with the textures a bit and if you do the effects in a separatre layer and change the blend modes, it gives you a nice effect too. Also on your colour pallete when you choose your colour, you can have the textures on and thois gives you a lovely textures too, again play with the blending modes. But so far nothing similar to PS. I have been told there are plugins fliters available but i'v yet to find one i'm liking tyhe effect.