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08-25-2009, 12:56 PM
Here is my first kit and second kit. I would love for you to visit my blog and give me your input, good or bad!! http://kreationsbysparky-lori.blogspot.com/Family gives me input, but they love me so they have to like my kreations. LOL Thank you for your time and I look forward to reading your comments. http://i788.photobucket.com/albums/yy163/sparkyllc_photos/BACKINTIME-PREVIEWKIT2.jpg?t=1251222739http://i788.photobucket.com/albums/yy163/sparkyllc_photos/KBS-WatercolorsPreviewKit300.jpg?t=1251222862

08-25-2009, 03:25 PM
Gorgeous colors Lori! I like the tone-on-tone palettes.

I've sent you a PM as well.



08-25-2009, 05:45 PM
Wow. Love all the browns! And the lace is very pretty:)

08-26-2009, 07:56 AM
Pretty. I love those cool blue colors. so very calming! Great looking kits.

08-26-2009, 09:49 AM
Very lovely! I really like the brown tones in the first kit! good luck! :)

08-26-2009, 06:37 PM
I love your Color Combinations!
You have Some Great Ideas

08-28-2009, 02:29 AM
Thank you all very much for you sweet comments! Your comments are very encouraging! Thank you again. Lori - Kreations by Sparky:)

08-28-2009, 02:50 AM
You've done a lovely job here, If I may make a suggestion it would be to add some drop shadows to your previews to gain more depth and make them stand out more in the crowd/gallery/store ... :)

08-28-2009, 06:33 AM
Thank you Mistybelle for your comment. As a matter of fact the kit that I am submitting to the New Designer Program I am including drop shadows on the previews. You are correct the images do stand out more! Any other suggestions? Thank you again and all suggestions are welcomed as I am just starting to design and probably need all the help I can get. Have a wonderful day!

88 Designs by M
08-28-2009, 10:21 AM
I like the browns and the blues in your kit. The drop shadows on the preview will work wonders. Also, once get a few kits done, try playing around with your previews. It may make a big difference. I may be able to help if you would like a preview template to work with to put your stuff on. Just let me know. I think you should do well in the contest. One last thing, if you have a 5-7 color pallete, try to limit the number of items that come in all colors. I did that at first and noticed that others kits had one or two colors of each item, maybe three. Maybe do one type of ribbon in 2-3 colors and then another type of ribbon in 2-3 other colors. I still like to put a few of the basics, though, in all of the colors. Just suggestions. I think you are doing well. We all started somewhere and you will only get better from here!!!!

08-28-2009, 10:59 AM
Melanie, I would love for you to supply me with a template for laying out my previews. For some reason I have a problem with that. lol Not sure why. Yes it does make sense not to have the same image in every color. In the "sample kit" I am submitting to the New Designer Program I did not kreate every image in every color. Thank you for your advise! Feel free to keep giving. Have a wonderful day! Thank you again!:):)

08-28-2009, 11:57 AM
Here is the new kit I have submitted to Toiny for the New Designer Program. I am anxiously awaiting for remarks and hopefully some good news.


Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to take the time to offer me advise, I greatly appreciate it! Please don't stop, I will take any and all suggestions. Have a wonderful weekend.