View Full Version : FAQ's Round 1

09-01-2009, 04:58 AM
I will update this as questions pop up:

File size should be less than 40MB
You may post additional freebies/addon's on your blog to generate interest.
You may NOT post the kit to your blog, please post that only at SAS.
Papers with crinkly/worn/torn edges may be PNG files if needed, they will still count as a paper.
Kits may only have 2-4 papers, 5-8 elements. No more, no less.
1 bow recolored 5 times is only one element.
Please only use the metal style provided, or stay within the color palette.
Shadows on inner elements of clustered items only, not on the "outside" or bottom layer. Some overlapping, overshadowing, may occur.
Each element must be an unique PNG file, even alpha's. No sheets allowed.
Pick your own theme!
Name your kit any way you like.
A cluster element counts as one element.
Naming of files: Get into a good habit :)

Name your elements, papers,folders and zips like this:

Papers: designername_kitname_P1,
Folders: designername_kitname_Elements
Zip Files: designername_kit name_P1.zip
designername_kit name_E1.zip

Remember to put your Design Name on the preview and the terms Personal Use etc!!