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12-20-2009, 09:09 AM

Woohooo!! I LOVE playing dress up, and I hope you do too! Join me in the Dress-Up your Avatar Christmas costume party!

Here's the link to the site I used to dress up my avatar:


so jump on in, join the fun and let your Christmas spirit sparkle! :-)

The WINNER will receive a $5.00 coupon to use in the store!! woohooo!! what a great Christmas Gift!!

12-20-2009, 12:57 PM
Here's me! Merry Christmas!!! :)

12-20-2009, 02:51 PM
Here's mine! Boy, I wish my hair looked as good as my avatar's :l:l:l

12-20-2009, 02:58 PM
oohh aren't you two cute!! :-) love the outfits and i know what you mean2cats! ha ha ha! i wish my hair would behave like these super cute avatars,... wouldn't it be nice to have a makeup and hair person to follow us around all day 'touching us up' ha ha ha!

12-20-2009, 05:13 PM
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to everyone a SAS from me to you
Do you like my Christmas belt to go with outfit???

12-20-2009, 05:26 PM
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to everyone a SAS from me to you
Do you like my Christmas belt to go with outfit???

too cute! I'd love to be that thin for christmas! ha ha ha!

12-20-2009, 10:47 PM
Here is mine. I can show you full length too if you like. :-)

12-20-2009, 10:53 PM
totally cute Jo! :-)

12-21-2009, 08:56 AM
g'morning! got mine all dressed up! ^_^

12-21-2009, 09:03 AM
thats super cute volante! her hair totally matches yours too!

12-21-2009, 09:08 AM
Thank you so much for putting this wonderful challenge together and pointing me in the right direction. I have always been wondering how everyone got these cute avatars. Awesome. Here is mine.

12-21-2009, 09:17 AM
I started early :) But, I think, I'm gonna change it just to play right :P

12-21-2009, 09:28 AM
Here's me... I can play, can't I?

Pssst.... am I the only one a little freaked w/the eyes on the Avatars?!?!?!

12-21-2009, 09:58 AM
Here is mine but I dont know how to get it avatar size only full length.

12-21-2009, 10:26 AM
I hope mine is any good......
It is so small, how d I make it bigger, like yours????

12-21-2009, 10:41 AM
Ok...mine's been updated. This is so much fun!!

12-21-2009, 10:50 AM
testing my avatar

12-21-2009, 12:37 PM
I hope mine is any good......
It is so small, how d I make it bigger, like yours????

The biggest size allowed for Avatar's is 150X150... save the full size image, open photoshop and crop a 150X150 around your head/face, save as jpeg, then upload again... let me know if it works for you! :)

12-21-2009, 02:19 PM
All you guys with short skirts----don't you get cold???

12-21-2009, 05:00 PM
It says 80 x 80 is the maximum size, and I cannot get it any bigger. How come some people can save it 150 x 150????

12-21-2009, 06:22 PM
It's so much fun to dress up a avatar.
Yours all look very nice!
So I've spent a couple of hours making mine. It's so addictive LOL,
but I've decided to go for this one...

12-21-2009, 08:44 PM
Here I am all dressed up for Christmas and having lots of fun.

12-21-2009, 10:19 PM
here's mine

Ambowife Designs
12-22-2009, 12:08 AM
It says 80 x 80 is the maximum size, and I cannot get it any bigger. How come some people can save it 150 x 150????

Okay I just checked and the SAS-y CT were still set at 80 Toiny changed the member settings but you must be SAS-y CT as your primary usergroup. Anyway it's changed to 150 now Anja so you can post your larger version now.

Oh and here's my christmassy Avatar!! :)

12-22-2009, 12:36 AM
lol, YW, DawneCarr, I'm totally diggin' your hat BTW! :-)
ha ha ha! I love the red nose and antlers SpitfireCK
lol Toiny! love that hat! sladd79054 and Jiskefet, how you get it to 'avatar size' is you need to crop it to a square size then save it at 150 pixels by 150 pixels (80x80 for some i think, right?) at 72 dpi. you may also need to save it at 'save for web' settings to make the file size (kbs wise) right. But its cool full length too, we can see the polar bear and snowman!! is that holly earrings i see?? oooohhhhhhh :-)
soooooo cute puffinliz!! i love how very merry yours looks! totally a Santa's Workshop thing goin on there! and those boots rock! I know just what you mean, Renee.. it is totally addictive! I just love playing dolls! LOL!! Angmag55, that is super cool! love the wings and hair!! larkd, sooo cute! great cozy feel and the ear muffs are super adorable! ha ha ha! :-)
oooooohhhhh Tracy!! thats sooo beautiful! you're gettin all martha stewart on us! totally gorgeous! (hugs)

Ambowife Designs
12-22-2009, 01:57 AM
rofl Sherah, we have Martha Stewart on our free to air tv here now and she is still doing Halloween stuff OMG!! It will be Easter before she gets to the Christmas crafts LOL.

12-22-2009, 02:49 AM
wow there are some wonderful Avatars here now, great work ladies :)

12-22-2009, 10:55 AM
here is mine

12-22-2009, 11:10 AM
I hope this one is bigger than the last one

12-22-2009, 11:42 AM
soo cute mrscarol1! love the elf in yours!

12-22-2009, 11:53 AM
Here I am... all dressed up for the par-tay!

had to show you the Santa Slippers... LOL! :m


Joba - I'm FREEZING!!!!! I think I need some leg-warmers & a sweater! Brrrr...... :l

12-22-2009, 12:10 PM
ha ha ha ha ha!! Kimberkatt!! rofl!! soo cute! love the leg warmers and slippers!!

12-22-2009, 03:10 PM
TOO CUTE already!!!

12-22-2009, 09:23 PM
Testing out my new avatar and here is my "close up" lol


12-22-2009, 09:48 PM
Kimby, you are too funny! put some clothing on you freak!!!! lol! you do live in Mass. not Florida! Joba you need to dress you skull with the wacko eyes as santa! i miss that avatar...lol

12-22-2009, 09:49 PM
BTW kim did you get your haircut yet! cause i want to see photos.

12-23-2009, 09:02 AM
TRISH - you're looking pretty spiffy lady!! :DD

Carmen, yes I finally got my hair cut... I was supposed to get it cut back in November, but with the flu running wild in my house that month, I had to cancel and I just got around to rescheduling last week!! uh.... you want pictures?! seriously?! I don't do pics of myself....rather, people don't take pics of me anyway!! :rolleyes: I may have some after Christmas... the kids are getting their own digital camera's, so I'm sure to have a TON of pics of me by the time they get bored with them!! hahahaha.... :m

12-23-2009, 10:10 AM
Thanks Kim, I was going for a "casual yet elegant look" rofl

12-23-2009, 11:17 AM
So much fun to do this again, here is the full body version..............

http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm275/violethare/winter-avatar-doll.jpg, may change the avatar so you can see the full body, what do you guys think??

12-23-2009, 11:43 AM
TrishF,Too cute girlfriend! love the shrug!
Violethare, ADORABLE! great fishnet stockings
and hair! awesome!

Jean Ann
12-24-2009, 11:00 AM
Well, here I am. I did two just because but didn't know which one I liked better. This is the other one.



12-24-2009, 11:42 AM
Both are adorable Jean Ann! I love the skates!! lol! too cute!

12-24-2009, 01:09 PM
I like the skate one too Jean Ann.
This is my new one made with Blue Christmas by Lightningbug Creations and Kissing Santa by Shelly Marie Scraps. This is fun.

12-24-2009, 03:11 PM
Very cute Camperchow!! ;-)

12-24-2009, 09:08 PM
I love it Diane!!! did anyone notice that Jeannette and I have the same outfit on and the same background! we are going to the same party..lol

12-24-2009, 10:01 PM
well you know what they say Carmen, Great minds think alike (and in your case, they dress alike too! ;-)

12-26-2009, 02:01 PM
Here is my avatar! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

12-27-2009, 09:55 AM
Adorable, Jessicasma~ :-)

12-27-2009, 08:02 PM
Here's mine. I see now I picked the same background as 2girlsandadog and scrappinwithjo, LOL! Oh, well...

12-27-2009, 10:42 PM
hi scrappywife, love the wings and headpiece! great look!

01-01-2010, 04:19 AM
Kimberkatt if your are so cold just step back alittle to your fireplace but not to close.You wouldn't want to burn the back of your legs.:((:m:m

01-01-2010, 04:29 AM
Carmen my sketeton is still at that halloween party.I called her to come home but she said she was having too much fun & maybe will celebrate easter with SAS.What a brat.I should never have given her that dress.Now she is just tearing the town apart.She thinks she is cute.

01-01-2010, 08:28 AM
ROFL! Joba, you crack me up! I can just envision Ms. Skele dancing & prancing all across town, knocking & rattling the night away! :l

01-01-2010, 10:06 AM
Ya, I just hope Missy Skeleton has a good New Years Eve.Shes quite an innocent you know. Went wild when she got her new Halloween outfit.

01-01-2010, 01:45 PM
JOba you are too funny! she will look cute with bunny ears!!!