View Full Version : New Train? A blog, a freebie and a new holiday!

02-27-2010, 01:30 PM
I know I'm probably not supposed to do this as a NOT member of the official Studio team, but we haven't had a blog train going in a while! I'd love it if people want to joing the festivities for International Furbaby Weekend and add your links to your blog here too!!

I blogged yesterday complaining about the snow and declaring this International Furbaby Weekend! Stop over and download a Furbaby word art set freebie and share a story or link to photos about your Furbabies. If you blog about the holiday weekend, leave a link and maybe you can pick up on some traffic to your blog via the Digifree search engine picking up the freebie too! :)

The Chronicles of Nani (http://chroniclesofnani.blogspot.com)

03-01-2010, 04:07 PM
Oh, poo! I missed it! I was without internet for 3 days... and now I'm lost and confused! LOL!

Feel free to start the blog train threads anytime Nani! (or anyone for that matter!) It seems once Darlene went on her hiatus, we all kind of forgot about this little section of the forum! :l I'm horrible about blogging everyday... or even once a week! hahaha...