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08-27-2010, 06:50 PM


Weíve come so far creating our mini books! Now weíre ready to start the assembly process. Today weíre going to get our pages all cut out and ready to embellish. Letís start with scoring each page along the fold line. I like to score before I cut so I donít have to worry about catching the paper edges.

I simply used a scoring tool and a straight to score along the fold line. I know itís difficult to see in the photo, but I scored each page several times since I printed to photo paper which is more difficult to fold than cardstock. Donít worry if it rubs away a bit of the color where you score. Youíre going to fold there anyway.

My scored page ready to be cut out:



Now weíre ready to cut out all our little houses! I used a paper cutter to cut all the outside edges, then finished up along the inside roof line (and the chimney for the covers) with my small crafting scissors.

Youíll notice in my picture I made ďsmokeĒ front the heart stamp in the kit. I didnít cut closely around that individually. It would be impossible to freehand around both sides and make it match, so Iím to freehand cut around it after the page is folded and glued.

I also cut along the right and top edges of my door. Iím going to put a peek a book photo in there when we work on embellishments. I just scored the door along the left edge so it will swing open to reveal the photo.



Now weíre ready to fold the pages in half and glue them together. I would recommend you use a dry adhesive like a tape runner or double-sided Scotch tape. Wet adhesives can cause buckling and warping. Also, if you printed to photo paper a permanent adhesive is better; it requires something a little stronger than repositionable adhesive to stay put for any length of time.

Simply apply adhesive along all the edges and carefully fold together. If you cut out your door, donít apply adhesive to the door or too closely to the edges along the sides of the door.



Now use your scissors to trim any little white edges peeking out.

The next step is completely optional. I prefer my cut edges not to be so white, so I like to ink them. If you printed on photo paper, you need to use an ink that will dry properly on glossy surfaces. My very favorite ink pads for nearly any project are StazOnģ Solvent Ink Pads. Today Iím using Timber Brown. (No I don't work there! I just love their product :DD )

Simply drag the ink pad along the edge. If you prefer to not get much ink on your page, it might be easier to hold the ink page still in one hand, then drag the edge of your page along it keep it perpendicular to the ink. To get into the little edges where the big ink pad canít easily reach, I use a cotton swab. First though I pull off nearly all the cotton. It just gets stringy and soaks up too much ink. So pull off most of the cotton from one end of a swab, get some ink on it from your pad, then rub on those hard to reach edges.

Hereís my completed cover page (inside shown):



Score & trim your printed covers & pages.
Fold & glue all covers & pages.
Trim any white edges peeking out.
Optional: Use Ink pad or marker to touch up edges.

Tomorrow weíll begin embellishing our pages!

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08-27-2010, 06:57 PM
Whew! Sorry this post is later in the day. I ended up having a crazy work day. TGIF! :((

How are your books coming? If you're not to this point yet do not worry or stress! You have plenty of time to finish as we will be embellishing our pages for the next two days. :)

08-28-2010, 04:32 AM
I'm trying to keep from working on mine without my son, so we're making it together for baby brother; this morning we're only about halfway through the alphabet. I plan to work on it with him today, since yesterday was all preparing for and entertaining company. Chigago-style stuffed pizza, anyone?

08-28-2010, 09:03 AM
2 pieces for me allery Mom!
I'm scoring & folding my pages as we speek. this is the tradition scrapping part ! I forgot how nice it is to use scissors etc. Fun

08-28-2010, 10:48 AM
Oh I'll take a couple of slices, too! Yum.
There's so much I love about digital, but ITA Joanne I always love to create stuff with scissors and paper. There's a just a certain charm about it. :)

08-28-2010, 01:46 PM
My book is coming along nicely. Putting ink on the edges really made it look good. I want to stick my phot0s on the pages now but will wait for the next lesson. I'm thinking you may want us to do our binding first & I will need all the hints to do this.

08-28-2010, 01:53 PM
My book is coming along nicely. Putting ink on the edges really made it look good. I want to stick my phot0s on the pages now but will wait for the next lesson. I'm thinking you may want us to do our binding first & I will need all the hints to do this.

I just posted the next lesson. I prefer to embellish my pages before I bind them - I think it's easier when you can handle each one separately. So you're good to go to start adding your pics & embellishments! Can't wait to see your book! :)