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09-28-2010, 08:11 AM
** this tutorial brought to you by Kimberkatt Scraps **

(previously used for the Mar10 Decorate Your Wordart challenge)

The trick I used this month was clipping a paper to the wordart. There are two ways you can use any paper to clip to your text/shapes/masks. (Remember, I use Photoshop Elements, so if you use a different program, you may have different steps to take)

First, you can use the "Group with Previous" function

Open up a new 12X12, 300ppi page
drag or place the wordart & your paper of choice into the new page
Make sure that your wordart layer in BELOW your paper layer (you should just see your paper on the screen because the wordart is hidden underneath for right now)
Make sure you are on your paper layer (just click on it in the layers menu)
Go to Layer>Group with Previous (or you can just hit Ctrl+G as a shortcut)
Now, you should see your paper "clip" to your wordart! It's as easy as that!

This is the same technique used to fill up your layered templates ;)

The other way you can fill your wordart is by making the paper into a pattern fill:

Open up your paper in your program
Go to Select>All (or Ctrl+A for a shortcut) so you get the "marching ants" all around the edges of the paper
Go to Edit>Define Pattern from Selection
You can name your pattern whatever you want, or just keep the name that is there and click OK. This has now saved your paper as a pattern fill!
Open up your wordart
Click on your Fill tool (looks like a paint bucket)
On the top toolbar, you should see a drop down box next to the word Fill - make sure this is changed from "foreground" to "pattern"
Right next to that is the Pattern drop down box - select your new pattern from the list
Now, just go ahead and fill each letter with your new pattern! Pretty simple, eh? And, you now have your pattern saved to use whenever you want without having to open up the paper! ;)

09-28-2010, 11:28 PM
this was great!!!! Thanks!!