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09-28-2010, 08:27 AM
** this tutorial brought to you by Kimberkatt Scraps **
(previously used for the May10 Decorate Your Wordart challenge)

PHOTOSHOP INSTRUCTIONS: (More advanced instructions for more control on the effect)

Open the WA & Blank Brad > copy to a new 12X12 page (WA on top of Brad) > center as desired
Ctrl-click on the Wordart thumbnail in the layers palette, so you get the marching ants around it --> Make sure you are still on the brad layer though
HIDE the wordart layer by clicking on the "eye" to the left of the thumbnail (marching ants should still be there!)
Go to your CHANNELS palette and click the "Save Selection as channel" icon at the bottom (grey rectangle with white circle in center) --> you should now see a new channels layer, click on it to select
Go back to your Layers palette and choose "create new fill or adjustment layer" from the bottom (black & white circle)
When the menu pops up, you want to select "Levels" --> this will bring up a new Adjustment Layer & the Levels palette.
On the Levels palette, at the bottom is an output levels range --> change the 255 to around 183ish -> We are darkening the selection to add depth for the engraving which happens next!
Now we're ready to engrave! Make sure you are on your adjustment layer and click the "fx" at the bottom to add a layer style.
Here are the setting's I use, you can play with the numbers a little to get your desired effect:


Blend Mode: Multiply (black)
Opacity: 75%
Angle: 120 (use global light checked)
Distance: 5
Choke: 0
Size: 2
Don't change anything under Quality


Style: Outer Bevel
Technique: Chisel Soft
Depth: 100%
Direction: Down
Size: 2
Soften: 0
Hightlight Mode (under Shading): Color Dodge, Opacity 100%
Shadow Mode (under Shading): Soft Light, Opacity 100%


Blend Mode: Color Burn
Opacity: 50%
Noise: 0
Color: change the yellow to BLACK (000000)
Leave everything else alone


Blend Mode: Overlay (black)
Opacity: 50%
Angle: 120 (global light checked)
Distance: 0
Spread: 0
Size: 7
no changes under Quality

Click OK to accept the layer style changes. Select the Brad layer, Ctrl-click on the black thumbnail in the Levels adjustment layer to get the marching ants again. Go to FILTERS>OTHER>OFFSET. Set both the Horizontal & Vertical values at +7 and click Ok. Deselect and revel in your new found trick!! :((

PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS INSTRUCTIONS: (not as complicated, but not as much control over the outcome)

Open the WA & Blank Brad > copy to a new 12X12 page (WA on top of Brad) > center as desired
Duplicate the Brad (should now have two brad layers)
Ctrl-click on the WA layer to get the marching ants around the selection
Select the top brad layer and hit DELETE --> This should make a cut out of the wordart, however you will not see it yet --> hit ESCAPE to clear the selection
Hide the Wordart layer by clicking on the "eye" on the left
While still on the top brad layer, select SIMPLE INNER BEVEL from your layer styles list (make sure to hit "apply" to apply the style)
Set the Bevel at 3, Direction UP, Angle=120
Add a DROP SHADOW layer style, Distance =3, Size =3 Opacity =70% and click OK to accept
Select bottom Brad layer and click CREATE ADJUSTMENT LAYER (Black & White Circle)
Choose "LEVELS" as your adjustment layer and change the 255 under Output levels to around 143-ish --> again, this is darkening to add depth
Select the top Brad layer again, Ctrl-click the Wordart layer to get the marching ants
Go to FILTER>OTHER>OFFSET and set the Horizontal & Vertical values at +2 and click OK
Now you can revel in your new found trick! :((

And, for those of you who use Pixelmator, I found a nice video tutorial on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whsSdW51VLQ) you can use to get the same effect!! :DD

09-29-2010, 06:57 AM
this is awesome. i love the engraving look. thanks for the elements instruction too.

12-06-2010, 03:25 PM
I have struggled with doing debossing using alpha channel and levels layer - until now. Not sure what was wrong with the directions I was using before, but these directions are much better. Thanks!!