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CM Silly
07-31-2011, 04:46 AM
Has anyone ever used FREE FILE VIEWER?? My layout /scrapbooking program has some limitations and one of them is that it can't open the following files:
*psd - *tiff - abr - asl - csh - and a few others. I can't open my *excel spread sheets anymore , since basic excel is no longer bundled with standard programming for a new pc. *Microsoft word and the picture viewer (this was how I resized my layouts and I loved it ) that used to come with a new pc, no longer do either. I 'm using Microsoft word 2006. lol and pix resizer, but pix resizer shrinks the image down so much you get a blurry image when you post. So you can see, I have been trying to find free or cheaper versions of programs that will help me open some of these files to save me from having to actually buy all of the real programs that make these types of files.

I found the free program called "Free File Viewer" and it says it's free and can open the following files:
*PSD - Photoshop® Document
*XLS - Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet
*XLSX - Microsoft® Excel 2007+ spreadsheet
DAT - Data file, e.g. winmail.dat files
*DOC - Microsoft® Word 97-2003 document
*DOCX - Microsoft® Word 2007+ document
*.TIF/.TIFF - Tagged Image File

I was pretty excited, because this program solves a lot of my problems, by allowing me to open psd/tiff templates and I can open my old excel spread sheets plus new ones. This is great, but before I downloaded it, I wanted to ask if anyone has used, is using, or has heard results of someone else using this program. I don't want to infect my pc with a monster that eats hard drives..lol , so I thought I would ask the wonderfully pc savy people in here for help.
Thank you!

08-04-2011, 12:35 AM
I don't have free file viewer, but if you want a free program to open graphics irfanville is wonderful, will open do color corrections, change image size, etc. You can make videos to music, etc. It is quick and easy to use and has some of PS plugins. Look at:
Good luck!

08-04-2011, 11:30 AM
PSD, asl, csh & abr are all native Photoshop file formats...which means, with the exception of PSD's, these files will not open in another program to be able to use them, you have to have Photoshop or Photoshop elements.

asl = Photoshop Styles
csh = Photoshop Shapes
abr = Photoshop Brushes
PSD = Photoshop Document

PSD's do open in other programs, I know for sure with Paint Shop Pro (PSP) but unsure of the others that can use PSD's.

an image viewer might allow you to see these files, but it will not allow you to actually use them. so if you're only downloading this program to be able to USE these files, it's not going to work, sorry! I agree w/ Gloria, irfanview is an excellent image program and it's free! ;)