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Sunny Day Scraps
08-07-2011, 03:09 PM
Does anyone here do Blogger Blogs or WP Blogs?

I have my own domain name hosted with hostgator and i use it for my blog on Blogger


the person who did it all for me the blog i mean has messed it up it all worked fine ber they redid my graphics and template for it,now it is so slow to scroll and the graphics overlap in some areas,

On the left where it says my Creative teams then it has the blinkie for sweet tomato designs where it says promo girl on top of her blinkie is my next graphic blog buddies and my bean bunny designs blinkie is in my creative teams but showing up in my blog buddies...

so theres a mess of problems.also she must not of set up my blog correctly with my domain as i can not give direct links from my site anymore it just brings me to a page that says error or something like that .all worked fine befor i had my blog redone

anyway my question is is htere someone here or can you point me to someone who does Blogger blogs so i can get it back to normal LMBO..

or WP i hear its better but have no idea how to use it but willing to learn..

Thanks all...

08-23-2011, 10:39 AM
eek! That's terrible! Have you contacted them and told them that it's not working right? maybe they can help get it sorted out for you? Do you have any kind of option to revert to what it was before the redo? sorry, I'm not much help... I use a WP free blog, not a self-hosted one... but, our Studio blog is hosted through WP, so maybe Toiny or Angel could shed more light on that?

That stinks Charly! Hope you get your blog back to normal soon! :))