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Ambowife Designs
08-08-2011, 06:58 PM
Sorry I'm running late, a freebie will be sent to everyone later today after chat 8|

Step 1 - 3 papers, 1 has to not be plain and cut into a shape.
Step 2 - 2 photos..1 in a circle and on in a large square
Step 3 - add a splatter or splat
Step 4 - create a border down one side with a paper or large wide ribbon or element
Step 5 - Make a cluster with at least 5 items.
step 6 - blend a photo into background
step 7 - add a title AND journaling
step 8 - use a tag or piece of paper and staple it to your layout - either date it or put your title or journaling on it
step 9 - add something to hold down your border, stitches, staples, brads, what ever you like

finish up and post
thanks ladies