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09-30-2011, 01:43 PM
Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Eva, born and raised in good ol' Little Rock, Arkansas but currently living in NY. I have two daughters who are 2 and 1, and another little girl who I placed up for adoption. She was born on Sept. 11 of this year. I started designing a while ago but haven't really been able to get up to par because of my crazy life, haha. Anyways, I can't wait to have some fun!! :((

09-30-2011, 05:32 PM
Welcom and I think you will like it here. Lots of really good people.

10-01-2011, 05:33 PM
Welcome, Eva!

10-13-2011, 10:32 PM
Welcome,Eva! Sounds like you will have some great photos of those little ones to scrap with!