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Monika 11-05-2011 11:43 AM

November challenge
Hello all, my apologies for being late posting this month's challenge.
I've been without internet for a few days but finally it's all sorted out :DD
and without any further babble here's the palette for November:
I suppose the fact that it's Autumn - most parts of the world, and it's getting cooler and we're seeing less and less color outside :'( is affecting my color choices....

Let me see what you can do with these colors, hope it will inspire lots of layouts and for the creative ones; minis!

This is my starter kit for the month, and it's an additon to my new kit Sophie and the Addon kit.

Post your layouts in the gallery and please leave a link in this thread.
Have fun!

Link expired

danzinst 11-05-2011 04:19 PM

Re: November challenge
Very pretty Monika,thank you.I will try to get something done this month.

angeldevildog 11-05-2011 10:57 PM

Re: November challenge
Will be back later to grab kit and create. Looks lovely!

LindaC 11-05-2011 11:24 PM

Re: November challenge
Beautiful color palette and gorgeous mini Monika... :)

glonet 11-06-2011 02:22 AM

Re: November challenge
Lovely color palette for fall & love the mini Monika. Glad you got your internet sorted out - that can really be a pain!

Here is mine:


jakelinelikestoscrap 11-07-2011 01:49 AM

Re: November challenge
I agree with all of the above! Absolutely gorgeous! I'll be back... :)

Georgedinah 11-07-2011 04:38 PM

Re: November challenge
Thanks MUCH for the started kit! You are SUPER talented! A REAL ARTIST!!

Monika 11-08-2011 02:50 PM

Re: November challenge
Thank you ladies :)
I did notice a major boo-boo; the butterfly wasn't cropped properly. I am sorry for the oversight, and yes I know it's not on the preview...
I replaced the file in the zip, but for those of you who already downloaded, just grab the corrected file here.
Download butterfly
Simply right click and save to your computer, it is a .png file.

Thank you :)

Pixel Palette 11-09-2011 11:14 AM

Re: November challenge
Great color palette Monika, here is my small contribution, hope you all like it: Autumn Royal You can snag it in the gallery.. :c


angeldevildog 11-09-2011 10:09 PM

Re: November challenge
Don't be scared just a picture of my hubby. Kinda got sick of using the kids. Thanks, Monika for the mini kit.



marilynnay 11-10-2011 02:47 PM

Re: November challenge
Here is a link to my LO for the Nov Color Challenge.
Marilyn Nay

ADBDesign {anita_d} 11-10-2011 07:58 PM

Re: November challenge
I created this kit for the challenge.
the links are in the gallery now! here link to gallery

ADBDesign {anita_d} 11-10-2011 07:59 PM

Re: November challenge
this is the page I created using my challenge kit

aadesigns 11-12-2011 07:58 PM

Re: November challenge
Hi, I'm new here and I liked a lot this challenge...

Here is my LO. I hope you like it.

<img src="" />


stmac88 11-12-2011 10:16 PM

Re: November challenge
Here is mine. Thanks Diane for the beautiful mini! http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio...-memories.html

angeldevildog 11-12-2011 11:13 PM

Re: November challenge
Anita_d - Thank you for the kit. Lovely.

KAPOH 11-13-2011 08:06 PM

Re: November challenge

Kimm23 11-13-2011 11:50 PM

Re: November challenge
Thank you, Monika, for the beautiful challenge kit. I love it so much I had to go get Sophie from the shop. I used two elements from Pixel Palette's entry kit. Thank you Pixel Palette. I scrapped this tonight while we are all waiting for my daughter's third child, a boy to arrive. Needless to say, my grandchildren cannot sleep.

Kimm23 11-14-2011 12:07 AM

Re: November challenge
Just downloaded your Autumn Harmony, Anita. Thank you. It beautiful!!

boo.6204 11-15-2011 12:53 PM

Re: November challenge
Gorgeous palette this month Monika. I'm super busy but I might not be able to resist.... at least a little layout ;)

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