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Studio4 Designworks 07-21-2012 04:03 PM

Christmas Card Exchange
Welcome to Christmas in July at The Studio!

I'm hosting a challenge for you that will hopefully fill you Christmas Stockings with wonderful cards that you can send out to your family and friends. Just think - you can already cross one thing off of your Christmas "THINGS TO DO LIST"!

It's really quite a simple challenge. I'd like you all to create a Christmas Card. Plain and simple right! You can leave an opening for a photo, or not. I'd suggest using a layout size of either 5" x 7" or flipped to 7" x 5". That way it will be easy to print them off on your home computer if you'd like and pop them into an envelope, or as some also do, send them in an email. They'd be a small enough size as to be able to email it without being too large.

And then we're going to SHARE THEM ALL! So if we have 10 or 20 people participating - that's how many cards you'll end up with. You'll have a super variety and you can pick and chose who's getting what card when you send them out.

When you are finished your card, upload it to the gallery HERE and then come back and post your LO in this thread as well. Then email me your file ( and at the end of July, I will upload all the cards to a file sharing site. I'll send out the link and you can download all the cards at once. Then - there's your Christmas Card stash ready to go!

I've designed 2 cards here - leaving a space to put a photo if wanted. When you receive it - you could also fill it in with another paper if you like. For some of you that may place a photo frame in the middle of your card (i.e. if you're using the template provided) and need to know how to make that space empty so you can place a photo, just let me know and I can tell you how to do it. Or, I can do it for you - just send me your card and I'll send the card back to you all ready to go. I'll leave that up to you.

Also as a bonus, I've created a template for those that may want to use one as opposed to creating one from scratch. You can download it here.


Bright Eyes 07-21-2012 09:45 PM

Re: Christmas Card Exchange
Fantastic challenge and great exchange...

Here is mine - using Classic Christmas by Studio4


Will have mine in an email to you ASAP.

PattyB 07-22-2012 06:53 AM

Re: Christmas Card Exchange
Oow, count me in :) I'll be back!

jimmyrose 07-22-2012 07:29 AM

Re: Christmas Card Exchange
Love to do this, back soon.

PattyB 07-22-2012 08:37 AM

Re: Christmas Card Exchange
Thanks so much for the template and the challenge! Here's mine, and I've sent it to you via email as well.

ceefl0wer 07-22-2012 08:43 AM

Re: Christmas Card Exchange
okay, I am not too good at this kind of thing BUT just notice there is a scrapathon today and the first freebie is christmas papers and a card template- so might just have a go at this
think I will go download your template too Darlene cos maybe I could scrap with that at the scrapathon

Bright Eyes 07-22-2012 09:50 AM

Re: Christmas Card Exchange
Okay... now that I have seen the marvelous card that PattyB created with the template... I had to go back and download it. Amazing how the elements she chose makes the card such a work of art. Thanks for the template, Avalon.

Studio4 Designworks 07-22-2012 10:42 AM

Re: Christmas Card Exchange
Kay - your card is cute - it looks like a present. But please feel free to download the template and create another card. There's no limit to what we can do!

Studio4 Designworks 07-22-2012 10:43 AM

Re: Christmas Card Exchange
Patti - that is one gorgeous looking card I must say! I love how a template can take on so many identities.

I've received yours and Kays cards - so now we're up to 4 already!

britnkaysmemaw2 07-22-2012 11:59 PM

Re: Christmas Card Exchange
How fun. Count me in! Love the cards that have already been done!

LLPooh1 07-23-2012 11:30 AM

Re: Christmas Card Exchange
Oooh, what a great idea!! I usually just create a 5x7 card with my kids photos on it... this will make me look like a rock star this year! :) I'll be back with something hopefully in a day or two!

britnkaysmemaw2 07-23-2012 02:37 PM

Re: Christmas Card Exchange
Here's 1 from me using the template and Santasic Season!


Studio4 Designworks 07-23-2012 05:02 PM

Re: Christmas Card Exchange
Wise choice Cathy! LOL! That's a sweet looking card!

PamR 07-24-2012 11:11 AM

Re: Christmas Card Exchange
here's mine. I like them a tad simple!


robinoes66 07-24-2012 12:52 PM

Re: Christmas Card Exchange
I never send cards because I hate going to the store and looking through them, but these cards are AWESOME! I will attempt one!

Studio4 Designworks 07-24-2012 01:57 PM

Re: Christmas Card Exchange

Originally Posted by robinoes66 (Post 124118)
I never send cards because I hate going to the store and looking through them, but these cards are AWESOME! I will attempt one!

So glad you've decided to participate. It really is about the creating isn't it? The rest is bonus!

Studio4 Designworks 07-24-2012 01:58 PM

Re: Christmas Card Exchange
Pam - a tad simple is excellent. I love the Christmas tree you've created from the snowflakes. So creative!

teresaj 07-27-2012 10:58 PM

Re: Christmas Card Exchange
Here is my Christmas Card:

ceefl0wer 07-28-2012 07:54 AM

Re: Christmas Card Exchange

Originally Posted by teresaj (Post 124335)

this made me rushing off to photoshop to finish off the card i forgot to complete- I love that card
will go upload now

ceefl0wer 07-28-2012 08:07 AM

Re: Christmas Card Exchange
this is mine- it is saved as a png file with blanks for the photo and the little photo behind the lantern but I did pop pics of Robbie in for illustration purposes

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