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shelbz 09-11-2008 02:57 PM

Thanking All The designers For their Heroes
I just wanted to take this time to say thank you to all the ladies who have contributed kits for their inspiration of todays and yesterdays heroes. Your talents and generosity are much appreciated....

I will be using pieces out of each kit to memorialize my husband and our memories together.He died In iraq this past February on his third combat tour. He loved the Army and all that it stood for and proudly served for twelve years...He was and always will be "My Hero"!

onefeather 09-12-2008 12:30 PM

*salutes* your husband ... I thank him for his service .. May God bless and keep you hugs

Mitsybelle 09-12-2008 05:40 PM

So sorry for your loss... I'm glad you will be able to use our kits for such a special memorium :) (((hugs)))

CanDesigns 09-12-2008 09:12 PM

My heart goes out to you shelbz. I do hope you'll share your layouts of your hero - and now ours - with us.

Ambowife Designs 09-15-2008 03:32 AM

God Bless you and keep you in his arms. You are in my thoughts. I am so so sorry for your losing your soul mate Many Hugs to you Shelbz, I hope the kits give you nice memories of his 12 years service to the country and as your darling Husband!!

Charlie's Digiscraps 09-15-2008 05:50 AM

Thankyou for sharing your story of your love one...I'm glad you have found an outlet(scrapping) to help you visualise and remember your husband and that we could all help in such a small way.

take care and godbless

Charlie ***

Nani 09-15-2008 07:43 AM

God bless him and keep him for his sacrifice and you for yours too.

I hope that our contributions to round one of the challenge can help in the continuing healing process for you. Iím proud that part of my kit will celebrate the memory of a true Hero!

noreimerreason 09-15-2008 10:40 AM

My heart goes out to you Shelbz as I read your post. Your husband is a true American hero and I cannot even express how grateful I am to all in our military and their families too. You all sacrifice so much. I am so sorry for your loss; words cannot even express it. You will be in my thoughts and prayers today.

sharpli 09-15-2008 11:04 AM

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and all of the families and service people serving our countries.

Sooze 09-15-2008 11:31 AM

Losing a loved one is the most difficult thing a person can go through - my heart goes out to you and your family. I'm so glad that you are able to use our kits to scrap memories of your husband - it's a very small way for us to thank the brave men and women who are heroes every day.
So nice of you to thank us for our kits.....but I think we owe you and your husband a bigger thanks. God bless.

Susanne79 09-15-2008 12:10 PM

Big hugs to you and your family.

Shanners 09-15-2008 01:22 PM

Thank YOU and your husband so much, Shelbz, for both of your loyalty and sacrifice for our country. Our military and their families are true heroes.

MoMo 09-15-2008 11:43 PM

My heart goes out to you and your family,, Your husband was a hero to all of us. My husband was a Marine, so I am very gun ho patriotic.
Big hugs

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