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kristenp 10-03-2008 10:29 AM

Need very beginner tuts for PSPX2
Hey Everyone,
I love all of the tuts on here for PSP, and some have been really really helpful, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any that were very very basic. I have just started playing with PSP X2, and have never really designed anything and really would love to start. So anything ya'll can tell me would be greatly appriciated. Thank yall ahead of time. thanks:o:p

tiza126 10-03-2008 09:04 PM

I use PSPX2 also!! I found some good tuts over at Scrap Girls. They have a page called "Scrap Girls University" and it has some awesome tuts in there specifically for PSP, and many more for digital scrapbooking in general. I've used them and they've helped a bunch. I've been using PSPX2 since February and still learning everything there is to it, but I might be able to help with some questions if you have any :)

kristenp 10-04-2008 05:02 AM

I have what is probably a really silly question but, what is the difference between a vector layer and a rastor layer? That would probably help me out alot since I have no idea when to use which. I took a graphic design class in college but that was a couple too many years ago and we only used a program called Quark. Thank you so much for your help

tiza126 10-04-2008 10:45 AM

Do you want the textbook answer or the easy answer?? lol
Raster layers "are layers with data composed of individual elements, called pixels, arranged in a grid." These would be the layers created when you add papers and elements. Vector layers "are layers with only vector objects (lines and shapes), vector text, or vector groups....which are composed of geometric characteristics and their locations." PSP will automatically add a vector layer when you use the text tool or the preset shapes tool.

For the most part, I use raster layers. Vector layers will be created when you use the text tool, pen tool, or preset shapes in PSP.

kristenp 10-05-2008 08:14 AM

that helps so much. i keep using vector layers and then i cant move anything. thank you so much. I am trying to make a Christmas kit, but I doubt it will be done by Christmas. LOL. I am slowing looking at some tuts and learning through playing with PSP. Thank you so much for answering my question, and I am sure I will have a ton more. Thanks again:p

icurn 10-16-2008 06:47 PM

Hi, There is also a book called
Picture yourself learning corel paintshop pro x2.
I bought mine at amazon.
Author is- Diane Koers- There is even a digital scrapbooking section in it.

The main difference between vectors and rasters- vectors can be enlarged and resized without distortion- Rasters usually will be jagged when enlarged.

Also check yahoo- there are many free groups that teach.

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