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Cath_ 01-27-2010 07:25 AM

Organizing Digital Supplies
I sure could use some tips on starting organizing 4 months of saving everything. I have part by store, site, or topic but its not right.

Thank you
Cath 01-27-2010 11:21 AM

This post made me laugh, I was going to post the same question yesterday. I have some by topic,some by designer, and some by elements, such as Ribbons, frames, QP etc. I am also looking for suggestions, Topic, Designer, Kits. I am a MESS!

Joba2 01-27-2010 12:18 PM

Me too.Not only are my digisupplies a mess I don't even have my photos organized in a decent way.Got some photo folders with only a few pics & some folders with lots of doubles . on & on.And__ I lost all inspiration to digiscrap lately. I think it has to do with the printing issue. I just printed out two books at Shutterfly & they cut off alot of the pages!!! And I never seem to have enough of one theme to make books .And I am also changing my idea of how I want to digiscrap my photos. I want the photo to be bigger on the pages with more journaling.I am terrible about journaling.I think because this is more personal & does not lend to posting in galleries as much for privacy issues etc. I am lost right now as to how to proceed forward.

Jean Ann 01-27-2010 07:11 PM

Joba, I hear you on the journaling, I just do a second page that corresponds to the photo page andd do my journaling on that one.

Ambowife Designs 01-27-2010 10:26 PM

Hmmm this is a big issue with digiscrapping when you are posting to galleries and having to give Designer Credit. I have my supplies in four places really. Two folders one is commercial use and one is personal/s4h/s4o and then inside those folders I have two more folders, one is by designer and one is by item. So that way I can sort them for ease and speed when scrapping. The main thing is to make sure I know who designed the item and if it is commercial use or personal/s4h/s4o so I have to take the time to rename files to reflect the designer's name if it isn't named properly.

Now I have a new computer with windows 7 and I am seriously thinking of going with tagging as well so I can find stuff super fast. It is an ongoing problem that I think will plague us on and on LOL.

My photos are a bit of a mess too.

Maybe you could make a quickpage with your layouts allowing for the journaling and just add it before printing out Joba. or just screen out the journalling when saving a web version for uploading.

Joba2 01-28-2010 01:31 AM

Well ,one thing I have started to do with LO's I print at home in 8x8 size on 8 1/2x11 photopaper is not to trim the LO's for 8x8 albums but use that extra space to write additional comments etc. & put in 3 ring larger albums.
And I sure agree that to keep our digisupplies organized is an on going project.Not only do we need to keep track of the designer of the kit,paper element but seasonal supplies,holiday kits, word art, overlays,colors etc. I started a separate catalog in photshopelements organizer for digi supplies with a tag system. I have only a tiny fraction of my stuff in that catalog. Just seems too time consuming to keep it up & a real pain opening up different catalogs . I've accidently downloaded photos to digisupply catalog etc.
I know, I know I am just being a hum bug. I must be in one of my negative moods.
Actually setting up some photo browser for digisupples with a tag system is a good the way to go. I set up my tag system using Patty Debowski's tag system.(you can goggle if interested. I don't have her link easily available.) It is a very comprehensive digisupply tag system. I just wish I knew about this when I started so I wouldn't be so overwhelmed now to get my kits tagged.

Joanne K 01-28-2010 02:03 AM

Here is the system I devised after a few years of collecting. I only wish I had started SOME sort of organizing when I was only a few months into it.

I have a REALLY big folder on my Puter called SCRAP. It contains `DOWNLOADS, which is divided by month, then site. There is also a main folder called `PREVIEWS. Those start with an accent, which keeps them at the top of the folder. There are also folders for Alphas, Kits, Mega Kits, Commercial use, QPs &BBs as well as MONTH_ToBURN

When I get a chance to organize them, I unzip the kit, and put it all into one folder (most designers split a kit into multiple zips so they are easier to DL) I delete extra copies of previews etc. I rename any files to DesignerName_Kit_Piece, and curse any designer who makes me do this step. I think it should be an industry standard. I name that folder DESIGNERNAME_KIT_SITE. I then move it to my Kits folder I make a copy of the preview, named DESIGNERNAME_KIT_SITE_DATE, and they all go into `PREVIEWS, so if I am looking for something, I have a chance of finding it.

I make a new zip of the whole kit, which I put into a monthly file, to burn to DVD. As soon as there is enough in there, I burn the disk for backup, and copy it to my external drive. I check them for errors, then delete that Burn file.

Mega Kits are done in one big folder, usually named SITE_DATE_THEME. I keep each designers stuff in a separate sub-folder, I usually make one patchwork preview for the Mega kit, rather than a bunch of little ones. I zip the whole Mega together for the burn disk.

If the alpha is not too specific to a kit theme, I put a copy in the Alpha folder, and make it a separate preview (in a sub-folder).

After the kit is all cleaned up and zipped, and the zip is checked for errors, I delete the original downloads. When my hard drive gets too full, I can delete some of the kit and mega kit folders that are out of season, or not my current favorites. The preview stays in the folder, and it tells me what disk the kit is zipped on. Alphas are usually generic, so I donít delete them even if the kit goes.

As well as cleaning up the current kits, I am slowly working my way through a few years of older kits, but it will take quite a while to catch up.

Joba2 01-28-2010 02:30 AM

wow.thank you for sharing this.It sounds like a great way to back up kits & the possible need in future to be able to delete a kit from Hd knowing a good copy is backed up.

Ambowife Designs 01-28-2010 05:14 AM

Wow Joanne you are super organised hun :)

Twin Mom Scraps 01-28-2010 07:26 AM

i actually do things pretty similar to joanne. the preview folder was the best thing i ever did for my really does make finding things much easier.
as for my commercial use stuff...i have one main folder called CU Supplies...then within it, several sub folders for BOWS, FRAMES, OVERLAYS, etc. then when i get something new, if it isn't named by the designer, i name it and put it in the folder it belongs. so for example, say i have a set of bows, i would name all the files TwinMomScraps. then each time i add more bows with the same name, all my bows will eventually be names like this: TwinMomScraps(1), TwinMomScraps(2), TwinMomScraps(3), etc...and the numbering is automatically done by my computer. sooooo....all my TwinMomScraps stuff is together, and each of the other designers' stuff is all together too.
hope that made sense...LOL!
i also move all my old stuff to my external hard drive every month or so. the only stuff i keep on my laptop long term is my CU folder, and whatever i am currently working on for the month. i should burn to disc though as mentioned above though...just never got around to it:) 01-28-2010 09:03 AM

Thanks Ladies for all the great advise. Giving credit to the designers is huge and because I never thought I'd get this involved, the majority of downloads were never tagged with designer's names : (

I do have my photo's organized by folders: Name - Year - Month and when I download the photos I name the photo by the event and the day it was taken. I have a seperate folder under each year called Prof Pics - which are photos that I've had taken by a photographer. Organizing the photos has been extremely helpful - wish I had done it with the scrapping stuff.

I also recommend a 2nd hard drive, or MORE! A year ago, while downloading digiscrap items, I got hit by a virus and it "wiped" out the harddrive and I lost 5 years of photos!! It cost my $1200.00 to recover the photos - I got lucky, but it was an expensive lesson. I now have 2 harddrives for photos and scrapbooking!

Twin Mom Scraps 01-28-2010 09:32 AM

i agree about extra hard drives!!! i have 3 external hardrives at the moment. one just for my photos. and the other 2 are for kits i have designed or downloaded. i don't keep anything truly important on my laptop in the event of a crash. but i really do need to start backing up my backups...LOL! i am super paranoid about losing stuff!!!!

Ambowife Designs 01-28-2010 03:03 PM

LOL Rebecca it's funny you mention the backing up. I had only had my EHD for about 2 months and had everything on it and it just stopped working completely. After trying to get them to fix it the place I bought it said I had to just give it back to them and they'd give me a new one, so I'd lose my files!! So I kept it and bought a new case for it, broke open their case and installed it into a new case and it's worked perfectly ever since. The original problem was a faulty power supply on the western digital casing. and they are apparantly renouned for it at western digital. So it's a good idea to burn everything you have to avoid heartache later on should anything happen to your external hard drives. In fact I think it's time for me to do another back up of mine LOL

Lori11941 01-29-2010 09:56 AM

I've recently started scrapping again after a year's absence (hi ladies!) and am so glad I adopted my system of organization early on. After such a long break, I'd never find anything if I hadn't!

First I downloaded a free program by Sierra called File Amigo (you can Google it). In it, I have two tables, one called Catalog, the other Layouts.

The Catalog file contains columns for DVD volume number (for backed up scraps), kit name, credits, keywords, up to 3 previews, and colors. There are check boxes for commercial use, quick pages (as my time has gotten more valuable, I've come to appreciate QPs much more, especially for scraps other people ask me to do, like my mother), templates, and one for if I've used the kit. I keep a copy of all the previews in a folder called previews, titled with the designer name_product name. The database file can be exported into a tab or comma delimited file for easy backup. When I'm looking for products for a specific theme or containing a certain color, I can just do a fast find (i.e. Christmas kits or kits containing the color blue). If I only want templates, I do a specific search where Template = Yes.

The Layout table contains the layout title, a preview of the layout, and the credits.

I'd be happy to give anyone who wants it a tab delimited file of my catalog if you want to use it to adopt for your own scraps.

kimberkatt 01-29-2010 11:43 AM

:w ^^^ OMGoodness! LORI!!! ^^^ :w

Hiya lady!! How are things? I hope much better than the last time we heard from you! It's nice to have you back! :DD

Lori is the one that turned me on to File Amigo - I don't use it to organize my scrap stuff (except for my DVD's), but I use it for a whole heap of other things, thanks Lori!!

As far as organizing - I found a system that works for me, so I stick with it! I pretty much only use theStudio supplies right now, so it's easy for me to find what I'm looking for! lol But, for all the other stuff I have, here's what I do:

  1. I have one main "SCRAPBOOKING" folder
  2. In this folder, I have 2 subfolders: "PERSONAL" & "COMMERCIAL" (you can add a third for "S4H/O" if you need to separate)
  3. In my "PERSONAL" folder, I have 2 subfolders: "STORE" & "BLOG" (lets me separate my store purchases and blog freebies)
  4. In my "STORE" folder, I have subfolders for each store I purchase from (ex: theStudio, Scrapbird, DSO, etc...)
  5. In each of those folders, I have subfolders for each designer I've purchased from for that particular store (ex: Piggyscraps, Ambowife, DarleneH, etc...)
  6. In these folders, I have subfolders for each kit by that particular designer, sorted by Kit name, and one main "PREVIEW" folder for all of the kit previews (so it's easy to find which kit I want to use by that particular designer)
  7. In my "BLOG" folder (going back up to step 3) I have subfolders for each blog I've downloaded freebies from, with corresponding freebies located inside - the folders are usually named with the BLOG NAME, just so I remember if I want to go back and check out that blog again! (way better than a gazillion bookmarks that I don't ever go back and check! :rolleyes: )
  8. In my "COMMERCIAL" folder (heading back up to step 2), I have 2 subfolders: "CREDIT" & "NO CREDIT" (Helps me when it comes time to give credits for CU products used)
  9. In these folders, I have subfolders by type of product, ex: bows, ribbons, overlays, etc...
  10. In these folders, I have subfolders by Designer, ex: TwinMomScraps, mITSYBELLE, MoonDesigns, etc...
  11. Within these folders are the actual files, with only ONE folder for Previews & TOU's for that particular Designer
I don't ever separate my scrap kits into categories - If I find something in a kit that I love, I copy that file to another folder called "BASIC SCRAP SUPPLIES" (renamed to include Designer Name-Kit Name) Ex: Piggyscraps has some wonderful little staples in her kits that I love to use with other kits, so I copy them into my "BASIC SCRAP SUPPLIES" folder so I know exactly where they are when I want them! Darlene also has some great frames that I love to use, so those are copied over to the folder also! Makes it so much easier than trying to remember which kit they came from! And, this folder DOES NOT get burned or removed from my computer so it's always available when I need it! In the event of a crash, I will be a little ticked that I have lost my easily accessible folder, but I know that the original files are still okay on a DVD somewhere! LOL!

Reason why I don't split kits: I don't ever find myself scrapping with a kit and looking for "something else" that isn't already in my "BASIC SCRAP" folder! If I need a different color, I can recolor that element/paper to suit my needs...or, If I'm looking for a frame, I can make one from one of the papers/elements in the kit... so I'm never really searching for something that specific and it always seemed like a waste of my time...

I have all of my DVD's cataloged in File Amigo, with a breakdown of what is on which DVD (with previews!) - all my DVD's are numbered, and in a big DVD binder, so they are really easy to find! Well, at least the past years DVD's anyway! Anything before that is a big pile of unsorted mess that I tend to send to the corner and forget about! :rolleyes:

In essence, I tried to get "super organized" with dates, store names, specifics, etc... but it was taking WAY too long to do! So I figured on this... as long as I have the designer & kit name, I'm good to go when it comes time to posting online!! That's really all you need to list as a credit anyway! Knowing the date & store you got it from is just gravy, in my opinion! :) I don't think designers are too pushy about customers advertising for them like that! CT members, maybe, but not customers! They're just happy you bought their kit and liked it enough to make a layout with it!! :DD

And now that I've finished my novel, I'll be back next week when you finish reading it! :rolleyes:

michellemarie 01-29-2010 03:56 PM

Wow. Lots of information in this thread for sure. I've done a little of everything. In the beginning, I organized it by splitting it all up cause it was just for me. But then I became a CT, and started organizing it like Kimberly does. I have separate folders for each designer within the store they are from.

For my commercial use stuff, I do like Rebecca, and organized them by Bows, Frames, Clips, etc. I just make sure the Designer's name is on her product before dividing stuff.

It's still so time consuming though isn't it? I need to hire a personal assistant to just be in charge of organizing everything on my computer so I can just worry about designing and scrapping. ;)

kimberkatt 01-29-2010 04:19 PM

Time consuming - YES!!

considering I started digi scrapping 5 years ago and collected EVERY freebie I could get my hands on for the next 3 years :rolleyes: I have about 75+ DVD's of old, old stuff that is in NO WAY organized!!! I couldn't possibly go through all of that and organize it! So, it sits in a case, stuffed in a cabinet, to collect dust! :l I keep telling myself "Someday I will have enough time to weed through all of this stuff and keep what I want" I've been telling myself this for 3+ years now! :rolleyes:

michellemarie 01-29-2010 04:27 PM

I keep telling myself, one of these years when all the kids are in school at least 1/2 a day... 01-29-2010 08:12 PM

Now I do not feel so bad! I have collected a lot of freebie stuff and due to the fact it was for my eyes only I did no naming or organizing. Over the past couple of months I started sorting by Designer, mostly due to this forum and giving credit where it belongs.

In reading everyone's posts, though - everyone has said the same thing...TIME CONSUMING.

Thanks everyone for sharing how you do it. It should definitely help me start a new - organized year!

Joba2 01-29-2010 08:42 PM

Here's a link to the site for the comprehensive tagging system for digisupplies.You can buy the system already set up to put on your computer or somewhere on the site ( didn't look for it now--if you are interested just search around on the site ) you can just see the system suggestions & set it up yourself which I did. I used photoshopelements organizer but ACDsee is one alot of people really like.

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