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Toiny 01-27-2010 02:43 PM

Chat: Meet the Piggy @ 3:30 EST
Sorry... I think I accidently put @ 9:30 EST in the last newsletter. It will be at 9:30... but my time (Germany time LOL).

I'm so sorry guys!


kimberkatt 01-27-2010 03:23 PM

I'm early! I'm early! :(( :(( :((

Mitsybelle 01-27-2010 09:43 PM

LOL Kim, I kept popping in too ... now I gotta work out what that is in my time???? :O

Ambowife Designs 01-27-2010 10:19 PM

I think I missed it too Jeanette. I was going by est.
Maybe next week Toiny, sorry Hun!

littlespooky 01-28-2010 12:14 AM

i think it was toiny time! which made it a hard time for me

Mitsybelle 01-28-2010 03:12 AM

So has it been or am I still waiting??????

Ambowife Designs 01-28-2010 05:05 AM

I think it's been and gone Jeanette.

Toiny 01-28-2010 05:26 AM

Sorry guys!

It was 9:30 my time... It was great fun to chat with the ladies that did show up, even got a little business knocked out of the way LOL.

I think everyone needs a little time to just let their hair down online. Thank God it wasn't on video though, I'd spilled a little coffee on my jammies in my eagerness to not miss out!



Ambowife Designs 01-28-2010 05:59 AM

LOL I can just see you in your jammies with your purple cast and trying to type in the chat room and juggle a cup of coffee too, we should call you octo-Toiny LOL

littlespooky 01-28-2010 09:41 AM

lets call her Octopiggy

kimberkatt 01-28-2010 09:45 AM

It was really scheduled for 3:30pm eastern - but she had accidentally listed 9:30pm eastern on her ad, so I think people got a little confused! lol There were only a few of us there, but it was fun nonetheless!! :DD I learned how to tell people I have to milk a cow in German!! LOL!

I poked my head in the chat room around 9:30pm eastern just in case, but didn't see anyone in there, so I left it open and went to finish up the blog post and then completely forgot to go back! Sorry ladies - especially lulutoo, she seems to have logged into the chat and asked me a question and I wasn't there!! :(

Big apologies lulutoo - sometimes my brain doesn't work very well at night :rolleyes:... I think the kids take it to bed with them for safe keeping! :DD :l

michellemarie 01-29-2010 01:36 AM

Yeah I thought it was the 9:30 ET also. No worries. :) At 3:30 ET I was picking up or dropping off 5 year olds to preschool. LOL But I don't have to do that EVERY week as we rotate so I'll have to catch the next one at that time. :)

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