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Pillowgirl 09-30-2007 02:42 PM

Critique Corner
I am not too shy to start this baby out. I have a few layouts of my own that I would love to have critiqued, get suggestions on how to make them GORGEOUS, and really get advice and feedback.

To me, this forum should be a way to not only get praise, but also suggestions and helpful feedback on how to improve.

Here is a link to my layout:

It is a photo of a friend of mine's son. She told me her favorite color for him is blue, so I wanted to really make it a monochromatic blue page, but now I am thinking it sure looks like it could use some sas-ing :) I used the Maia's Garden Mega Kit, which is my own creation.

Now... anyone got any ideas on how I can improve this lackluster layout? I want to make it something frame-worthy to give to his mama as a gift.

Any suggestion will be appreciated even if I don't use it, so please, fire away!

aldercreek 10-13-2007 10:44 PM

I'm a little surprised that more people haven't jumped on this thread. I'm posting mostly because my last several LO's I've uploaded haven't gotten any comments, so I'm hoping it's not because they're just really bad and no one wants to tell me :) So anyways, here's my gallery

My most recent LOs are my CT layouts for JulieO. I really love her designs and want to showcase them as well as possible, so please let me know what I can do to improve to really draw attention to the LOs.

The birthday pages are part of a book I want to do as a keepsake for my kids of their first birthday party, so I want those pages to be nice for printing and telling a story.

So there's my goals, fire away!

Kyda 10-14-2007 11:36 AM

Pillow, I thought I'd give you alittle CC on your layout since no one else has

It might benifit from alittle picture color altering. maybe making it black and white and then bringing his shirt color through..

maybe try moving his name over along the paper curve?

ok, well I'm not that much help, but I wanted to try. :) hope I helped alittle bit. :)

nighty 10-14-2007 06:13 PM

it's hard for me to to criticise, i'm not sure if i find the right words and don't want to hurt someone.
in this layout i miss some texture and the blue is too much for my taste (i love blue) the whole layout is a bit too dark, no impression of any happy atmosphere.
there are no highlights in there.
i hope i could help

janalyn 10-14-2007 08:33 PM

This kind of thread IS difficult because the wonderful thing about digiscrappin is that it is all about what YOU like!!! A LO is after all your expression of how that photo makes you feel or how you want others to view it. I am scared to death to post a gallery link here!!!!! :eek: :eek:

The one thing that I would say about it, Elizabeth, is that the LO seems cut in half by the elements making your eye keep drifting to the right side looking for something to be there. I think others (who have left comments in the gallery) have been alluding to this also. Someone mentioned text on the paper strips. That would help balance it.

Just my 1 cent opinion :p

BeckSamKaysMom 10-15-2007 08:50 AM

perhaps since the open empty blue space is so empty, maybe some texture on the paper to offset it from the other side more, and I agree a little darker, and the white journal adjectives would rock.

kimberkatt 10-15-2007 03:13 PM

Well, I really don't think I'm all that experienced to be giving criticism, but I guess I'll try, only because I have a couple of LO's I'm adding here in a few days and I want honest opinions, good or bad!! :)

I love the way this LO is constructed... the circle and paper strips behind the photo are great! And love that alpha!

I like the idea of the white words on the paper strips that someone posted in the gallery. I also love the idea of putting a little blue grunge around the photo, making it black&white, and then bringing the blue of his shirt and eyes through, I think that would make your photo really pop out at you!

I also think that maybe you should adjust the hue's of the blues (no, I didn't mean it to rhyme! :p ) so that there is more of a contrast between the papers, but sticking with the whole "blue" color-scheme... ya know, some darker, some lighter... But, overall, keep the mostly blue, with white accents, because it matches his shirt! :D

As far as the "blank" part on the right, I think some corner flourishes, maybe some star overlays or something to that effect, would put the finishing touches on it!

Just some ideas thrown out there... :)

Pillowgirl 10-15-2007 04:10 PM

Thank you all for the feedback. I plan to redo this layout entirely at this point because, well, this photo means a lot more to me now than it did. Little Jaden passed away last week so I am going to put this in a different type of layout altogether.

janalyn 10-15-2007 05:53 PM


Originally Posted by Pillowgirl (Post 6457)
Little Jaden passed away last week so I am going to put this in a different type of layout altogether.

I am so sorry to hear that Elizabeth! Was he ill? I know whatever you do with his photo will be a wonderful gift for his mom.

Pillowgirl 10-16-2007 10:01 AM

He had a cold.... and his mom gave him his first ever dose of Infant's Cold Medicine (won't name a brand)... and he passed away in his sleep. Two days later, there was a recall on several different infant cold medicines. She is still waiting for confirmation from the autopsy as to what was the official cause of death, but this is a strange coincidence.

He is a very special boy, the kind that gives the best slobbery kisses and really knew how to squeeze ya just right in a hug and not let go. I will miss him very much :(

kimberkatt 10-16-2007 10:34 AM

oh, this just makes my heart ache! :( I am so sorry for your loss, and I'll be keeping you and his family in my thoughts... this hits so close to home, having 2 little ones... I was warned by my doctor about cold medicines... he said the studies are inconclusive, but they are NOT good for children, and he told me NOT to use them! The only medicine he told me to use is Tylenol, for pain or fevers, that's it! Hearing this..... it's just so, so sad!! I'm sorry!! :( :( :(

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