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toosa1 09-12-2010 12:22 AM

Hey "y'all"!!
I wasted to introduce myself! I am Brenda and live in Oklahoma. I am a violinist and teacher. I have recently had to become a stay at home wife. So now I'm looking for a new hobby. THis seems to be right up my alley. Sooooo, what are your suggestions for where I should start.?
1.Where do I start?
2. What do I need to purchase?
3. Should I take the classes that are offered all over the internet at varying prices?
4. Any other advice that doesn't fit into the above would be greatly appreciated! THanks a lot guys! I look forward to knowing you guys!

digides 09-12-2010 07:48 AM

Re: Hey "y'all"!!
Hi and Welcome!!! I'm Des, this is a fabulously fun hobby :>
A great place to start is it is run by one of the designers here at the studio SKrapper Digitals and her pal Trish F.
There is free software to download, step by step tutorials and even a free starter kit. You can ask questions in the forum and get lots of feedback and support. The best thing about this hobby is you can get started without spending a penny :((
Of course, once you get addicted, start saving your pennies cuz you'll be wanting the newest fabulous kit, an EHD, a scanner, a better camera and
maybe even the full version of Photoshop lol!!! Hoping to see your first layout in the gallery soon!

Toiny 09-12-2010 09:26 AM

Re: Hey "y'all"!!
I'll 2nd Des!

There are also two full, free kits here in our store: Lilypond and Live Love Laugh. A great place to get started before plunking down some change. You can also look at layouts in the gallery for inspiration & kits you'd like to have.

I personally love, love, love shopping for kits. I'm amazed what some people create and can't wait to play with their designs... even if lately I have very little time for playing ;P



toosa1 09-12-2010 05:16 PM

Re: Hey "y'all"!!
Well, luckily, I just got a new camera not too long ago. It is my first D-SLR. I LOVE IT! I have Corel, I think. Do I need Photoshop or Photoshop Elements? Do I need one of those Bamboo pads? Those look super neat and easier to use to take backgrounds out of photos.

AmandaF 09-21-2010 04:14 PM

Re: Hey "y'all"!!
Hello Brenda! my name is Amanda and I'm new here and I'm a teacher too my sister star just convinced me to join up shes slowly but surely getting me hooked on digiscrapping looking forward to getting to know this place and you all.

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