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From the Piggy Week 4: Winners

You are all winners this week. Not only words, you are really truly winners. Those LO's, and the stories behind them, were beautiful, thought-provoking and, for most, bittersweet. It takes a lot to create a LO like that, even more to share it. I'm honored that you all felt comfortable sharing that with us.

I think I knew from the moment the first LO went up, and I cried my first tears with you, that this would be a no elimination week. There just is no way to judge LO's that heartfelt.

When I sent my "Voting" message through to our Design & Admin team last Friday, and told them there would be no voting, there was a collective sigh of relief. It was unanimous that your LO's could not be something reduced to a vote.

A big, HUGE, smooch to all of you. Week 5, our final week, will be posted shortly and PM's will go out to all of you.

Congratulation for a very well-deserved win.



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