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Default One thing I learned from this challenge

I have issues I'm working through. I go through day to day life thinking I'm fine, but my grandfather's death, in spite of his age and the fact that "it had to happen sometime" has hit me harder than I let on. After his death, my sister was out on disability for two months due to severe depression. I went on with my day to day life and felt kind of superior because I was the "strong" one. Actually, I learned other things too...

scrapping is therapy
not all layouts need to be happy
it's okay to scrap a layout that's mostly journaling (this has always been difficult for me) because
my journaling isn't as weird and stilted as it often seems to me and
my journaling can actually enhance the layout instead of taking something away from the photos

Even though I've been doing this for five years, I think this challenge has helped push me to new levels in my scrappiing that I'll take with me long after this is over.

I know I said this in the Week 5 challenge thread, but thank you Toiny. And thank you not only to the designers who contributed kits (Julie, Sherah, Christine, and Boo), but to all the designers who took time to vote and to comment on the layouts. And thank you to my wonderful fellow contestants who have been supportive in comments and feedback, even when they didn't make it to the next round, especially Red Plaid who took the time to PM me when she found a typo in my journaling so that I could fix it.